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U of M Commonly Used Acronyms

This is an editable list of commonly-used acronyms at the University of Minnesota. Please sign in to edit or expand this list. If you have questions about the list, or would like assistance in using it, please e-mail Internal Communications, University Relations, at intcomm@umn.edu

Thanks to Andre Leroux for providing the initial list.

  • AAN; Academic Advising Network; Organization of academic advising professionals at the University
  • ACA; Advisory Committee on Athletics; University Senate committee
  • ADT; Academy of Distinguished Teachers; group of notable professors at the U
  • AEL; Administrative Email List; replaces the DDD (Deans, Directors, Department Heads) list
  • AF&T; Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee; University Senate committee
  • AFSCME; Association of Federal State, County and Municipal Employees; Union that represents a number of University of Minnesota workers. Pronounced "AF-smee"
  • AHC; Academic Health Center; The six schools and colleges that make up the Academic Health Center include the Medical School, School of Dentistry, School of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, School of Public Health, and the College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • AHC F&P; Academic Health Center Finance and Planning Subcommittee; University Senate Committee
  • AHC FCC; Academic Health Center Faculty Consultative Committee; University Senate committee
  • AHC SCC; Academic Health Center Student Consultative Committee; University Senate committee
  • AHC Fac Assembly; Academic Health Center Faculty Assembly
  • AP; Advanced Placement; Courses students can take in high school that may grant college credit if students pass the test at a high enough level. Often seen as “AP credits” or “AP test”
  • APAS; Academic Progress Audit System; Check student’s progress toward fulfilling requirements
  • ARF; Access Request Form; Formal request to access private data and/or transaction systems.
  • ASIS; Auxillary Services Information Services
  • ASR; Academic Support Resources; Office that includes the Registrar; "The resources of [ASR] support the retention and timely graduation of University students"
  • B-Tech; Business & Technology Center or B-Tech Center; branch of the Office for Business & Community Economic Development
  • BAC; Benefits Advisory Committee; University Senate committee
  • BAP; Broadband Access Project
  • BCED; Office for Business & Community Economic Development
  • BOR; Board of Regents; Governing body for the University
  • BSU; Black Student Union; Student organization for African and African-American students
  • CAHP; Center for Allied Health Programs
  • CVM or Vet Med; College of Veterinary Medicine
  • ConC; Committee on Committees; University Senate committee
  • CAPA; Council of Academic Professionals and Administrators; Professional & Administrative employees representative organization
  • CARLA; Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition
  • CBS; College of Biological Sciences
  • CCE; College of Continuing Education
  • CCLC; Career & Community Learning Center; Provides assistance regarding career exploration and community involvement
  • CDes; College of Design
  • CDN; Career Development Network; Professional organization of career services professionals at the U
  • COA; Cost of Attendance
  • CSE; College of Science and Engineering
  • CE; Commanding English; Programs for students for whom English is not their first language
  • CEHD; College of Education and Human Development
  • CES; Conference and Events Services
  • CESL; Provost's Council for Enhancing Student Learning; Pronounced "SEE-sull"
  • CFANS; College of Food Agricultural and Natural Resources Sciences
  • CIC; Committee on Institutional Cooperation; a consortium comprised of the Big Ten institutions plus the University of Chicago
  • CLA; College of Liberal Arts
  • CLE; Council on Liberal Education; University Senate committee
  • CMU; Coffman Memorial Union;
  • CSC; Civil Service Committee
  • CSOM; Carlson School of Management; Also known as the “business school” or “Carlson”
  • COGS; Council of Graduate Students; governing body for graduate students at the U
  • CRAD; Council of Research Associate Deans; associate deans involved in research from across the U
  • CTL; Center for Teaching and Learning
  • CUE; Council of Undergraduate Education; Group of associate deans and others involved in undergraduate education. Formally known as Council of Undergraduate Deans (CUD).
  • CURA; Center for Urban and Regional Affairs; reports to the Office for System Academic Administration
  • CVM; College of Veterinary Medicine
  • DEIT; Distributed Education and Instructional Technology; A vice-provost office within Academic Affairs.
  • DGS; Director of Graduate Studies
  • DMC; Digital Media Center; part of the Office of Information Technology
  • DS; Disability Services
  • EAD; Equity, Access, and Diversity Committee; University Senate committee
  • eFAAN; online Financial Aid Award Notice
  • EFS; Enterprise Financial System
  • EGMS; Electronic Grants Management System; part of SPA and OVPR; upload grant applications elecronically
  • EOAA; Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action; upholds rules and regulations in this area.
  • FAOCIA; Faculty Athletic Oversight Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics; University Senate committee
  • FAFSA; Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • FCC; Faculty Consultative Committee; University Senate committee
  • FERPA; Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act; Policies surrounding access to student records;
  • FRFY; Freshman Full Year enrollment; Courses designated only for incoming freshmen. who have the option to enroll (in designated courses) for two terms during their orientation;
  • GAPSA; Graduate & Professional Student Association; governing body for graduate and professional students at the U. A COGS representative, as well as student representatives from other boards are on GAPSA.
  • GLBTA; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Ally Programs Office
  • GRE; Graduate Record Exam; Entrance exam for most graduate programs.
  • GoldPASS; On-line data base for employers and job- and internship-seekers
  • HCC; Health Careers Center; Career services for those exploring health care-related careers
  • HIPAA; Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act; regulations and training related to the privacy of individual health records
  • HRMS; Human Resources Management System
  • HRL; Housing and Residential Life
  • HRPP: Human Research Protection Program
  • IAS; Institute for Advanced Study; interdisciplinary, University-wide center focused on humanities and the arts
  • IB; International Baccalaureate; High school program in which students can earn credits toward college
  • [ICN]; Internal Communications Network; launched October 2009
  • ICP; Inter-College Program; design your own major across colleges
  • IDIM; Individually Designed Interdepartmental Major; design your own major within CLA’s departments
  • IP; Intellectual property
  • IRB; Institutional Review Board; body responsible for reviewing research projects which involve human subjects.
  • ISO; Internal service organization.
  • ISSS; International Student and Scholar Services
  • IT; Institute of Technology, now called the College of Science and Engineering (CSE)
  • LEADUP; Leadership Education and Development Undergraduate Programs
  • LAC; Learning Abroad Center
  • MAC; McNamara? Academic Center for Student-Athletes; part of the Office of Undergraduate Education
  • MCAE; Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence
  • MnLC; Minnesota Learning Commons; a K-20 partnership among the University of Minnesota, MnSCU?, and the Minnesota Department of Education.
  • MNSCU; Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
  • MPC; Minnesota Population Center, University-wide center focused on demographic research and training
  • MPIRG; Minnesota Public Interest Research Group; Grassroots student organization
  • MSA; Minnesota Student Association; undergraduate governance organization for the U
  • NEO; New Employee Orientation
  • NSE; National Student Exchange; Study at another university within the United States;
  • OAR; Oversight, Analysis, and Reporting, a unit of the Office of the Vice President for Research
  • OBR; Office of Business Relations; formerly the Academic and Corporate Relations Center (ACRC); resource for those outside the University wanting to learn more
  • OCM; Office of Classroom Management
  • OED; Office for Equity and Diversity; Vice President and Vice Provost for this area
  • OFYP; Orientation and First-Year Programs; Coordinates Orientation and Welcome Week
  • OGC; Office of the General Counsel; the University's legal team.
  • OHR; Office of the Vice President for Human Resources
  • OIT; Office of Information Technology
  • OSA; Office for Student Affairs
  • OSF; Office of Student Finance
  • OTC: Office for Technology Commercialization
  • OTR; Office of the Registrar; Registration-related services of the Academic Support Resources office
  • OUE; Office of Undergraduate Education
  • OVPR: Office of the Vice President for Research
  • P&A; Professional and Administrative Classification of employees at the U
  • P&T; Promotion and tenure; for faculty becoming associate or full professors; from the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs
  • PEL; President's Emerging Leaders Program; leadership program for employees at the University
  • PFF; Preparing Future Faculty; program for graduate students to receive formal training in topics related to instruction in higher education; part of a national program
  • PSEO; Post-Secondary Enrollment Options; High school students can take college level courses through this program
  • RAC; Registrar’s Advisory Committee; “communication channel between the colleges and the registrar's office”
  • RCR; Responsible Conduct of Research; training required for principal investigators
  • RIC: Reinventing Internal Communications; initiative to improve internal communications at the U
  • RIOP:Research Integrity and Oversight Programs
  • ROTC; Reserve Officers Training Corps; On-campus military training. Pronounced “ROT-see”;
  • RRC; Resource Responsibility Centers; U budget-related information and people
  • SAAC; Student-Athlete Advisory Committee; governing body for student-athletes at the U
  • SAIC; Student Academic Integrity Committee; University Senate committee
  • SAR; Student Accounts Receivable
  • SASS; Student Academic Success Services; Learning support services
  • SCC; Senate Consultative Committee; University Senate committee
  • SCEP; Senate Committee on Educational Policy; University Senate committee
  • SCFA; Faculty Affairs Committee; University Senate committee
  • SCFP; Finance and Planning Committee; University Senate committee
  • SCIT; Information Technologies Committee; University Senate committee
  • SCSA; Student Affairs Committee; University Senate committee
  • SPA; Sponsored Projects Administration; part of the Office of the Vice President for Research; Electronic Grants Management System (EGMS) is in this office
  • SRCA; Research Committee; University Senate committee
  • Soc Con; Social Concerns Committee; University Senate committee
  • SSCC; Student Senate Consultative Committee; University Senate committee
  • STCFSS; Subcommittee on Twin Cities Facilities and Support Services; University Senate committee
  • SUA; Student Unions & Activities
  • SVPP; Senior Vice President & Provost
  • TEL; Technology Enhanced Learning; part of the Office of the Vice Provost for Distributed Education and Instructional Technology
  • TOEFL; Test of English as a Foreign Language; Students who score less than 18 on their English or reading part scores of their ACT are required to take this or the;
  • UCCS; University Counseling and Consulting Services
  • UCES; University Conference and Events Services
  • UHP; University Honors Program
  • UMAA; University of Minnesota Alumni Association
  • UMC; University of Minnesota Crookston
  • UMD; University of Minnesota Duluth
  • UMM; University of Minnesota Morris
  • UMR; University of Minnesota Rochester
  • UMTC; University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • UR: Office of the Vice President for University Relations
  • UROC: Urban Research and Outreach/Engagement Center
  • UROP; Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program; Also pronounced “YOU-rop”
  • WC; Women's Center; formerly the Office for University Women (OUW); part of the Office of the Vice President and Vice Provost for Equity and Diversity (OED)
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