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List of UMWiki webs


Name Description Use To
AARCapstone   ...collaborate on
ABUS4023WikiForBusiness ABUS4023W? Wiki Project - Wiki for Business  
ABUS4023WikisForBusiness ABUS4023 Wiki Project - Wikis for Business  
ACCT2050 A wiki for a group in Acct 2050 collaborate on Acct 2050 projects
ACCT3001 wiki for a group in ACCT 3001 Spring 2010 collaborate on group case studies
ACIS ACIS ...collaborate on Information System processes and procedures
ACL   build a joint MnSCU?-UofM solution to share course material
ACT Active Communities/Transportation Research Group ...collaborate on research for Active Communities/Transportation
ACTU SOPs and Documentation for the AIDS Clinical Trial Unit ...collaborate on and document policies and procedures for ACTU staff
ACUPA2012 ACUPA 2012 Proposal Evaluation  
ADCS Helpline Documentation ...collaborate on writing Helpline Documentation
ADCS.AltAltSystemStatus   ...collaborate on
ADCS.AltSystemStatus   ...collaborate on
ADCS.FAQ FAQ Web ...collaborate on
ADCS.SystemStatus Mockups for updates to system status ...collaborate on mockups for updates to system status
ADCS.Tformsysstatus   ...collaborate on
ADCSandNTS2   ...collaborate on
ADECworkshop Plan for ADEC workshop on user focused learning technologies ...collaborate on
ADTwisdom Ideas for improving teaching and learning at the U from ADT members  
AEM4331HAR Honeywell Autonomous Refueling ...collaborate on senior design project sponsored by Honeywell
AEM4331Project6 High Efficiency Propulsion System for Small Electric Aircraft  
AEM4331TestWiki2010 Testing the wiki setup process  
AEM4331_Boeing2012 This is a Wiki for the fire fighting aircraft design group.  
AEM4331_JMH This is an example for AEM4331 students to follow ...collaborate on AEM4331 Wiki set up
AEM4331_LSA Light Sport Aircraft Senior Design Project ...collaborate on out aem 4331 LSA
AEM4331_SAE collaborate on SAE Senior Aero Design Project  
AEM4332 GPS Bi-static Radar ...collaborate on
AEM4332_MarsLander AEM4332 - Aerospace Design II: Mars Precision Lander ...collaborate on senior design project for AEM4332 - Aerospace Design II
AEM4333_SAE? collaborate on SAE Aero Senior Design Project  
AEM_4331_2011_Canard_Design AEM 4331 2011 Design a four seat canard in the fashion of the Cirrus SR22  
AEM_Air_Launch AEM 4332 Air Launch Team Website ...collaborate on
AEM_Air_Launch_Team AEM 4332 Air Launch Team Website ...collaborate on
AETHER OIT Enterprise Architecture WikiSpace? collaboration space for Enterprise Architecture initiatives
AFRGH In order to know more about the eligibility criteria, contact Student Finance helpline and talk with any of the representatives to clarify all the doubts.  
AHCPlanningAnalysis AHC Planning and Analysis Internal Wiki ...collaborate on decision support and institutional research
AHC_Facilities_Wiki? Resources for AHC Facilities projects. ...collaborate on AHC Facilities projects and general data.
AHC_IS Academic Health Center Information Systems Internal Wiki collaborate on and disseminate knowledge within the AHC-IS department.
AHC_IS_DTS Academic Health Center Desktop Support Team Wiki Share and collect AHC IS Desktop Support Team information
AHCfacilities   ...collaborate on
AIAA AIAA 2013 Student Paper Conference Organization  
AIAAConference AIAA 2009 Region 5 Student Conference ...collaborate on details of the AIAA 2009 Region 5 Student Conference hosted by the University of Minnesota
AIAAPaperConference UMN AIAA Region 5 Paper Conference 2009 ...collaborate on AIAA Region 5 Paper Conference details
AIAproject The Effects of Well-Designed Transportation Projects Enhancing Communities (AIA Project) ...collaborate on
AICH American Indian Cultural House ...collaborate on Living and Learning Community
AICH_SEAM SEAM Section 9 Fall 2008 ...collaborate on
AIED_Project Project Management site for AIED Project ...collaborate on AIED project at UMM
AISWizWiki SIG Philosophy of Information Systems ...collaborate on SIG Philosophy of Information Systems, a SIG of the
AIstorycorps Recording the experiences of Extension in the American Indian community ...collaborate on the AI Story Corps proposal
ALLake Phosphorus Study of Albert Lea Lake Watershed collaborate/communicate
ALRT Wiki for use by the ALRT Cluster in the UMN Medical School collaborate on cluster documentation (faculty info, funding, research), web site redesign
ALRTOpsAgenda ALRT Administrative Center Operations Meeting Agendas ...collaborate on creating weekly meeting agenda
ALSInterpreterBios TRASH ...collaborate on
AMELIAwiki I will post things to share using this wiki ...collaborate on different OIT projects.
AMIN3301 Gaming Paper ...collaborate on
AMINGraduation Minnesota American Indina Graduation ...collaborate on American Indian Graduation
AMINpowwow   ...collaborate on
AMJTest1 testing ...collaborate on
AMRSWatershed   ...collaborate on
APPLIED ECONOMICS GRADUATE CLUB Applied Economics Graduate Club Wiki  
APS_guidebook APS Guidebook revisions  
AQMitigationModules Documents relating to animal agriculture air quality mitigation modules ...collaborate on
ARCTiC Wiki for ARCTiC? Group Members  
ARECpaper Writing a paper together ...collaborate on
ARmeetng meeting notes ...collaborate on
ASABE BBE Student Group - Minnesota Student Chapter of ASABE  
ASABEStudentGroup? BBE Student Group - Minnesota Student Chapter of ASABE  
ASD_Reading_Group A group for Dr. Reichle's reading group members. ...share resources and readings for current projects.
ASLInterpreterBios Video Biographies of Interpreters and ASL Department. To share bios, sign styles and foster positive professional relationships.
ASRwiki A wiki for Academic Support Resources Document intradepartmental tools and projects
ASSLCommTeam ASSL Communications Team ...collaborate on setting up the ASSL website and newsletter
ASSLTech Wiki site for the ASSL Technology Team ...collaborate on our proccesses and documentation
AST2001 Astronomy 2001 - questions and discussion ...talk about great stuff
AST4101 This is my web description ( change this )  
AST4101compMethods This is my web description ( change this )  
ASW_UAV Senior Design Project - Anti-Submarine warfare (ASW) Surveillance by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ...collaborate on all this dealing with the project
ATAC_Teaching_Pandemic ATAC recommendations for teaching and learning during a pandemic ...collaborate on resources for teaching and learning during a pandemic
ATEC Audio Technology and Electronics Club act as a repository of projects, upcoming meetings, and reference information
ATLF Project Collaboration Site ...collaborate on anthrax lethal factor research
AUXS Auxiliary Services  
AUXS.ASIS Auxiliary Services Information Systems  
AbalastowCompendium For all your SEO competition needs ...collaborate on search engine optimization
AbedelazizMohaisen Abedelaziz Mohaisen's Wiki ...collaborate on
Abhijit This is a test wiki ...collaborate on
Absinthe Absinthe, Thujone & Wormwood Information  
AcademyHealth AcademyHealth? Student Chapter at the University of Minnesota provide a platform for communicating activities of the Academy Health Student Chapter - U of M
AccessHistoryWriting AccessHistoryWriting? ...collaborate on AccessHistoryWriting?
AccesstoCareWorkGroup MDH Oral Health Collaborative Access to Care Work Group ...collaborate on developing goals and objectives relative to access to oral health services
Acronyms A list of commonly used acronyms at the University of Minnesota ...collaborate on maintaing a working acronym list
AdamLingwall Adam Lingwall Wiki ...collaborate on research
AddressVerification OIT EPMO Address Verification Project Wiki ...collaborate on all aspects of the Address Verification Project
Ademoweb a web to show how webs are made ...make a demo
AdhishBasu my personal website ...collaborate on
AdolescentMedicine A UM Wiki for Adolescent Health ...collaborate on adolescent health issues
Adrothon Matching the expectations through the on the web daters, the dating websites might also be bettering day by day. Now the well-known dating web sites possess a massive geographical attain and provide you attributes like reside web-cam chatting.  
AdvDbDes Advanced Database Design ...collaborate on
Aem4331boeing firefightingaircraft  
Aem4331boeing2012 firefightingaircraft  
Aem4332 AEM 4332W SENIOR DESIGN 2 ... demonstrate wiki
Aem_4331_Boeing_2012 This is a Wiki for the fire fighting aircraft design group.  
AeroDesign2Nanosat   ...collaborate on
Africa This is a "test" Wiki that will hopefully serve as the official site visit report for the 2009 South Africa site visit. ...collaborate on the 2009 official South Africa site visit report
AfroWiki AA&AS department wiki generate new understandings of the African Diaspora
AgroIBIS? This Wiki is used to document the basic information about the Agro-IBIS model, the history of the model, and the current and future modifications to the model.  
AhcCluster Documentation/information about AHC Cluster workflow process for AHC Cluster
AimHigh Research to test treatment strategies to correct high cholesterol using two lipid medications ...collaborate on team responsiblities and managing projects
Aimee keeping track of the wayward scholar  
AirDroppedSensor? AEM4331 & AEM4333 Senior Design Project 2006-2007 Complete Design and Build Processes
Airlaunch Air Launched Orbital Launcher Project ...collaborate on
Akshay Personal Webpage  
AlbertLea Phosphorus study of Albert Lea Lake Watershed communicate/collaborate
Albert_Lea P Study  
AlexJolly New Projects of Alex Jolly work together on a project
Algewords Vocabulary and Methods for Algebra ...collaborate on
Algorithms3501Help Help page for 3501 ...collaborate on resources availible to students enrolled in the 3501 course
AlinasTest Alina's Test Web  
Allaboutguineapigs All about guinea pigs explore the awesomeness of guinea pigs
AlphaDeltaPhi Compilation of academic material ...collaborate on class information
AlphaThetaTau Alpha Chapter of Theta Tau ...provide information to members.
Altai Adaptable, Technology-aware Architectures Laboratory  
AlternativeCDesVICs A Wiki Web for Alternative College of Design Visual Identity Concepts ...collaborate on alternative College of Design visual identity concepts.
AlzheimersCollaboration Collaboration web for ITDD Alzheimer's related projects ...collaborate on Alzheimer's related projects
AmbientAir Nurs4322 Public Health Nursing ...collaborate on community assessment project!
AmericanCulturalLandscape Site associated with a graduate and undergraduate seminar in the College of Design, School of Architecture. Site for student to develop a learning aid for the study of American Cultural Landscapes
AmericanMosaicProjectPapers Track the status of AMP-related work.  
Ampwiki A wiki dedicated to designing, building, and modifying vaccum tube amplifiers ...collaborate on the design and building of guitar amplifiers and cabinets
Amst3113F07aa American Studies African-American group ...collaborate on
Harjani's Analog Research Group Wiki Website of Harjani's Analog and RF design Research Lab  
AnalystsGroup University of Minnesota Analysts Group ...collaborate on institutional analysis at the University of Minnesota
AnalyticsSymposiumApril2011 Collaboration space from the April 2011 Analytics in Support of Advising symposium  
Anandsoc Planning for CVM6050 ...collaborate on 6050
AnarchoCapitalist A Student Cooperative Bookmarket for the Humphrey Institute ...collaborate on saving money on public affairs texts by selling and trading used books rather than buying new
Anatomy A space for Anatomy information that lends itself to collaboration and that is not otherwise contained in our other web resources.  
AncestralEnzymes Collaboration between Dean and Kazlauskas groups on catalysis in ancestral enzymes  
AndersWiki Anders Johnson's UMWiki wiki web.  
AndrewSmale A wiki of my own personal research ...collaborate on issues related to agricultural and bioenergy
AndrewsResearch A wiki of my own continuing research ...collaborate on issues releated to agricultural and bioenergy projects
Androidmalware Androidmalware  
AnesthesiaJournalClub Journal Club  
Board Review Topics Anesthesia Board Review Topics ...collaborate on board review
Anesthesiology Documentation & General Wiki for UMN Anesthesiology ...collaborate on Anesthesiology schedules (rounds, etc.), research interests, and other relevant information.
Anesthesiology Residents' Wiki Wiki space for residents in the Department of Anesthesiology ...collaborate on schedules, document resident-related policies, share papers and presentations, etc.
AnnaTest Collaboration ...collaborate on
AnnaWiki Test wiki web for Anna Schultz. ...collaborate on
Another ANother ...collaborate on
AnotherForgetableTest another throw away test web  
Anth1812_Fall2013 Class wiki for Anth 1812: Human Societies, Past and Present, Fact and Fiction  
Anth2101_Sp2014 Wiki for Anth 2101: Physical Anthropology, Spring 2014  
Anth2103_Fall2013 Anth 2103: Archaeology  
Anth2103_Fall2014 Anth 2103 Fall 2014  
Anth3603_Sp2013 Anth 3603: Latin American Archaeology, Spring 2013  
Anth4501_2015 ANTH 4501: Archaeological Fieldschool, May 2015  
Anth_2101_Spring_2015 ANTH 2101: Physical Anthropology, Spring 2015  
AntiDDT Policy paper supporting a worldwide ban on DDT use ...collaborate on final group paper for Anth 3206, Ecological Anthropology
AppDev Application Development  
Appleby Collective space for Appleby Hall Tenants ...collaborate on
Aqeedah A Wiki for students attending the Spring09 Aqeedah halaqa at AMCC ...collaborate on developing Islamic learning materials
AqeedahWiki A Wiki for students attending the Spring09 Aqeedah halaqa at AMCC ...collaborate on developing Islamic learning materials
Arch4150 Arch4150 Arch4150
ArchitectureSocialMedia Wiki for ARCH3250 Design Workshop: Architecture and Social Media  
Aresrocketrocket Web page for astro 2001 ares rocket project ...collaborate on
Arete Home of the Arete Project Declarative and modal logic platform for Java
Argentina2007 Study abroad in Buenos Aires and other parts of Argentina Record and describe the activities of a global campus seminar.
AriesBlackHolesProject Black Holes and the Information Paradox Present and inform the astro2001 class on black holes and the information paradox.
ArsenBagyan About Me ...collaborate on the DIW project
Art1601sec002 ARTS 1601 Electronic Art New Media Intro class site
Art3601and5601 ARTS 3601 Interactivity: Digital Processes class wiki
Art3602sec001 ARTS 3602 Time Arts: Video ...collaborate on Experimental Video class
Art_Department Regis Center for Art collaborate on handbooks and internal documents
ArtilectWorld ultra intelligent machines  
ArtsCapstone Building bridges between Cedar Riverside’s Somali residents and arts providers ...collaborate on a Cedar Riverside capstone project
ArtsandIdeas wiki for sharing of ideas (and art) for arts and ideas festival, as well as for other district collaborations see description
Artscapstone   ...collaborate on
Ashlandavenue Savelsberg Advisees in Sociology ...facilitate advisee group meetings
Asia_meeting Asia Regional One Health Leadership Meeting Asia Regional One Health Leadership Meeting
Aspirinexposure Aspirin Exposure Study Documents  
AsrTel For teams from ASR and TEL ...collaborate on projects of mutual interest
AsrWebTeam ASR Web Team Collaboration tool for the ASR Web Team
AssessmentAndTechnology A web for the TEL Seminar on Learning Outcomes, Assessment, and Technology ...collaborate on the TEL Seminar, post bios and notes, etc.
Ast4101 This is my web description ( change this )  
AsterModels Aster Models for Life History Analysis  
Asteroid   ...collaborate on senior design project
AstrLRP Long Range Planning for Astronomy ...collaborate on developing the LRP
Astro4101 This is my web description ( change this )  
AstroGemini Astro 2001 - Team Gemini ...collaborate on the Fall 2007 Class Project
AstroGeminiPresentation Storage for Presentation ...collaborate on presentation
AstroPost In Progress  
Astrohelp In progress  
Astrowiki Topic suggestions for crucial grad school knowledge  
AsusZenfone Review Asus Zenfone  
AtCLab documentation for the AtCLab software  
AthensTraditionTransition M-Term 2008 Athens through CDES  
Atluri   ...collaborate on
Atmos Atmospheric Sciences Wiki List opportunities and News Postings
AtmosChem Wiki for the atmoschem lab  
AtmosWiki Atmospheric Sciences Wiki Post opportunities and news
AuditSite Info IT audit IT audit strategies and tools to prepare for IT audits
AustinCrews Things Needed To Be Known When It Comes To Betta Fish  
Auto.Docking.AEM4332 Autnonmous Rendezvous and Docking team ...collaborate on Senior Design Project
Auto.Rende.Dock.AEM4332 Autnonmous Rendezvous/Docking team ...collaborate on Senior Design Project
Automotive Automotive information, performance, lighting Share information on automotive parts and accessories.
AvantGardeCinema Site for Avant-garde Cinema ...collaborate on greater understanding of avant-garde cinema
AvantgardeCinema Course site for 5910 Thoughts regarding Avant-garde Cinema
Avdhandt My personal notes wiki  
Awards2009 This page will be used for the judging of submissions to the University of Minnesota's Communicators Forum Maroon and Gold Awards. Link to entries in one location.
AxiumSod SodAxiumKnowledgebase?  
AxiumSupport? U of MN SOD axiUm knowledge base  


Name Description Use To
BBE4013Benzene Class Project on Benzene in Soil ...collaborate on class project
BBE5533? Assessment & Diagnosis of Impaired Waters ...collaborate on
BDA Webside Bosphorus Dialog Association  
BDExtension National group working on a project to create an archive for digital extension resources ...collaborate on obtaining grant funding to create a pilot national archive system/process/workflow/standards for digital extension resources
BDNFstudy BDNF research group ...collaborate on a study addressing learning, attention and brain development in internationally adopted youth using behavioral, neuroimaging, and genetic measures.
BFMI BFMI lab website share files,experimental procedures and data within the research group
BFMILAB Website for the Laboratory of Biofluid Mechanics and Imaging  
BICB Biomedical Informatics and Computational Biology ...collaborate on BICB.
BIE5016Ch4G3 Read Chapter four and summarize readings ...collaborate on Ch. 4
BIE5016Gr3 Group 3 ...collaborate on
BIE5016Group4   ...collaborate on
BIE5016_0003 Chapter 3 Group 3 collaborate on Web2.0 Ch3
BIE5016_G3_Ch6 Summarize chapter 6 and 9 ...collaborate on the book
BIE_5016_Grp2 look, it's a wiki! (yeah, not too exciting...) ...collaborate on assignments for BIE 5016 Web Development course
BIOC2321 Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry  
BIOL2001 Resources for BIOL2001: Career Plannning for BIologists provide updated events and career planning resources for students in BIOL2001
BLAW2001Sum08 Wiki site for BLAW 2001 at UMD. ...collaborate on a Wiki Assignment
BLAW3001Sp08 Wiki for BLAW 3001, Law & Ethics for Financial Professionals complete Sarbanes-Oxley Wiki Assignment
BMEITSupport BME IT Support web  
BMSDL Biomedical, Simulation, and Design Laboratory ... present information about the BMSDL.
BSE1105 Private wiki for BSE1105 ...collaborate on
BallastMedical BMEn 4001W design group 7  
Ballooning Official wiki of the 2009 Minnesota Space Grant Consortium Ballooning Team ... collaborate on the Minnesota Space Grant Consortium Ballooning Team
BandBelectric Boris' and Bryce's electric transportation page ...collaborate on
BandManifesto PoM? Property Manager's Manifest ...collaborate and exaggerate on band experiences
Bandung Tempat Wisata Di Bandung adalah objek wisata bandung yang menarik  
BarocasResearchGroup Barocas Research Group Wiki share information about the Barocas research group
Barr_Capstone_Wiki   ...collaborate on
BasTest   ...collaborate on
Bayes Bayesian statistics discussion group organize the results of our weekly group meetings
BayiKitanet TopicName?  
BaylorWetzel? baylor's personal wiki web ...collaborate on baylor's ideas for research
BccNews Newsletter for the Business Career Center, Carlson School of Management ...collaborate on news
BehavioralEconomics A wiki about important topics and concepts in behavioral economics ...collaborate on
Bella Test site for skins ...collaborate on
BelloEdward test example wiki for my lab  
BenAllen Ben Allen's wiki place for whatever use help coordinate cross-departmental stuff within the U
BenLearns This is designed for teachers and students for discussing burning academic issues.  
BenMGIS SapatialDatabase?  
BethSurveyPage A survey of questions regarding widgets. answer survey questions to create a new and improved widget.
Betsy Class Web ...collaborate on
BigTen2012 This is the wiki site for the Big Ten Symposium 2012 hosted by the University of Minnesota.  
BingoPlaying Because Bingo is a timeless sport ...collaborate on
BioC2331Extra Extra material supporting BioC? 2331 (Chemical Mechanisms in Biology) Kazlauskas  
Main Laboratory in Biochemistry Kazlauskas Fall 2008 ...collaborate on course topics and ideas as well as connections beyond the course
BioInspiredGP A wiki web in support of the biologically inspired genetic programming project ...distribute and document the systems built as part of this project
BioJournal Biology Grad Students Journal Club Read and Discuss Journal Articles
BioNMR BioMedical? NMR Resource ...collaborate on managing NMR Facility
BioShanty Biology Shanty Wiki ...it's shanty-tastic
Biodiesel A way for group members in CHEN 5751 to collaborate on the Biodiesel project. ...collaborate on the CHEN 5751 Biodiesel project.
Biofluidmechanics bio fluid mechanics image process ...collaborate on
Biofluidmechanis bio fluid mechanics image process ...collaborate on
Biohydrocarbons Biohydrocarbons to Fuels collaborate on ARPA-E Project
Biol1011 General Biology Course Site  
Biol1011S11 Resources and materials for General Biology students  
Biol3987F11Sec2 Biology Seminar Course Website  
Biol4361S10 Developmental Biology Summer 2010 Resources and materials for student use.
Biol5868 Ecotoxicology Coiurse  
Biomass_project Project coordination site for researchers on USDA/DOE Biomass Project ...collaborate on research project
Bioserv Hinf 5430 Final project ...collaborate on
BiostatStudy Study Group for 1st Year PhD Biostat Students  
Biotransport Center for Biotransport message board ...collaborate on issues surrounding biopreservation
BirajGauli Biraj's web page ...collaborate on
BiznessCom communication techniques for the business professional ...collaborate on
Bkanddh planning ...collaborate on
BlackAtlantic U of M courses in the Black Atlantic/Diaspora ...collaborate on course creation and scheduling
BlackHolesAres Black Holes and the Information Paradox Present to Astro 2001 class information on Black Holes and the Information Paradox.
Blackmusic3301 This wiki is part of a final project prepared by students of AFRO 3301 (Fall, 2007) ...collaborate on
BlaineCrossGTD The Getting Things Done wiki of Blaine Cross implement Getting Things Done via a wiki -- I hope
BlendedLearningProject Collaborative Project for BL ...collaborate on
BlockBuster Paper on blockbuster ...work with group
BlueCrossBlueShield   ...collaborate on
Bmes It will be the meeting place for past and present Biomedical Engineers. We hope that this will peak interest in Alumini interactions. ...collaborate on Biomedical Engineering activities, jobs, announcments, events
Body_Image Talking about influences and consequences of body image in today's society. ...inform the public of these problems.
Boeing   ...collaborate on
Boeing07 Wiki for members of the 2007 Boeing senior design group ...collaborate on information important to the Boeing-Embraer project
Boeing3000 Short Transport Aircraft  
Boeing_Aircraft Small Transport Aircraft  
Boeing_Team   ...collaborate on
BolanLab Patrick Bolans Lab Wiki  
BookWatcher Book Watcher ...track your group's books
Bookstore Bookstore Intranet Bookstore Intranet
Bookstores University of Minnesota Bookstores  
Borat joe joe ...collaborate on face sitting
Boss IDSC3001 Student Group, Spring 2012  
BrainBook Resident Brain Book  
Brainstorm461 class brainstorming ideas ...collaborate on
Bravo1   ...know what is going on in the Battalion
Brazilia my city ...collaborate on
BreezeSupport Web for the Breeze Support Team ...collaborate on Breeze Support
BridgesPathways This is an administrative & planning wiki for the Bridges & Pathways programs. ...collaborate on planning for the Bridges and Pathways programs.
Bridges_Pathways Awesome summer program for current students interested in scientific research Find out more information about the program
BriggsLibrary A colloborative tool for staff at the UMM Briggs Library. ...collaborate on library website ideas, staffing plan, and more
BriggsLibraryWiki A colloborative tool for staff at the UMM Briggs Library. brainstorm special projects such as website design, staffing plan, discussion groups, and more.
Brin0126 Gregory Bringman compile philosophical conceits
BritishRailway Analysis of shares in British Markets  
BudgeteersWiki? BudgeteersWiki? ...collaborate on BudgeteersWiki?
Bulldogfund The site is and administrative aid to the program's students ...collaborate on projects, reports, and schedules.
Bunny My blog about me-a pop culture wannabe! ...collaborate on
BusinessIntelligence Business Intelligence Implementation Committee  
BusinessProcessOutsourcing Business processing outsourcing services are relied upon by businesses seeking to boost profits and improve customer retention while not compromising quality and service.  


Name Description Use To
C130Design2011 An aerospace senior design group that aims to develop a military aircraft with the capabilities of the C-130.  
C3   ...collaborate on
C4Wwiki the wiki of our work  
CAH Cookie Authentication Forum ...development forum for CAH on ALL platforms and systems
CAHPwiki CAHP Projects: needed, in progress, and completed ...collaborate on CAHP work projects
CAIMH Center of American Indian and Minority Health fall event share information about upcoming event
CAPA Council of Academic Professionals & Administrators ...collaborate on minutes, agendas, and documentation for the CAPA meetings
CAPE Center for Academic Planning and Exploration ...collaborate on the implementation of the Center for Academic Planning and Exploration
CAREmarginalization Marginalization group site for collaboration ...collaborate on marginalization research
CASH Campus Atheists and Secular Humanists ...collaborate on events planning and student group administration
CBI_ComputerSecurity Charles Babbage Institute NSF-funded project on computer security  
CBKLabDoc Experimental Procedures ...collaborate on
CBKPowwow? Outline of Research ...collaborate on Research Projects
CBSAmbassadors CBS Ambassadors Members Only ...collaborate on group business
CBSCommProjects An archive of completed communications projects by month ...collaborate on communication project tracking
CBSDeansOffice College of Biological Sciences Deans' Office Wiki access-protected wiki for documenting College-level projects, events, and activities.
CBSITHelp IT information and support for the College of Biological Sciences. provide you with a place to ask questions, provide answers, and give tips regarding Information Technology services provided by the College for its faculty, staff, students, research groups and the public.
CBSITOps The CBS Network Operations Center Wiki, for use by the staff of the CBS Information Technology group Document operations information for the CBS Information Techology group.
CBSIdeaGenerator A venue for CBS faculty and staff to sharing ideas about how to address the college's budget gap  
CBSPriorities CBS Dean's Advisory Council on Priorities  
CBSPrioritiesEfficiency CBS Dean's Advisory Council on Priorities Efficiency Workgroup  
CBSStudentSvcsInternal CBS Student Services internal wiki for policies, procedures and information ...collaborate on
CBS_Documentation CBS Daily Work Documentation ...collaborate on
CBTest6 CB Test Wiki ...collaborate on group work
CBtest1 CB Wiki Test1 ...collaborate on group project
CBtest10 CB Wiki Test ...collaborate on group projects
CBtest11 CB Wiki Test ...collaborate on group projects
CBtest15 CB Test Wiki ...collaborate on group projects
CBtest2 Wiki Test ...collaborate on group projects
CBtest5 HHH Test Wiki ...collaborate on Group Projects
CBtestsite test site for Careers in Bio  
CCCCsPSTL1423 CCCCsPSTL1423? ...collaborate on CCCCsPSTL1423?
CCCN Center for Clinical and Cognitive Neuropharmacology Wiki ...collaborate on PK, PD and linguistics
CCDEV Web App Development at Masonic Cancer Center ...collaborate on making the web go "hello world"
CCE CCE wiki ...collaborate on CCE content
CCEIC Information Center Web ...collaborate on College of Continuing Education Programs
CCLC Career and Community Learning Center ...collaborate on documenting our beloved CCLC
  CCO Database Administration Web collect and disseminate processes, procedures, concepts, and ideas.
  PeopleSoft System Support and Administration ...collect and disseminate processes, procedures, concepts, and ideas.
CCOSolaris Procedures and Documentation of OIT's CCO Soalris Supprot team ...collaborate on supporting the U's enterprise Soalris servers
CCOncore Wiki for the Oncore clinical trials managment system and the Clinical Trials Office. ...collaborate on training and usage issues.
CCS Draft of center for cosmic studies review and comment on proposal
CCWedding Wedding Moments Please share unforgettable moments of the wonderful CC Wedding
CCWiki Campus Club Wiki ...collaborate on Campus Club policies, procedures, events, menus, etc.
CDCAT Central Anatolian Tectonics proposal ...collaborate on writing the CAT proposal
CDESITSupport Wiki for documentation of CDES user issues and resolutions ...track user support requests
CDI_MRI Wiki page for CDI and MRI projects  
CDNLab Location for knowledge sharing regarding common data analysis streams in the CDN Lab at the Institute of Child Development. ...collaborate on data analysis options for CDN Lab - related research.
CDTL Center for the Development of Technological Leadership Web ...collaborate on CDTL Projects
CDTL.IT Center for Development of Technological Leadership Tech Docs Web nothing yet
CDTL.UMRSS Signature Series Working Web ...collaborate on CDTL Signature Series in Rochester
CDTLcas team building opportunities ...collaborate on CDTL staff functions
CDesComputerLab This is a guide to common problems and related solutions for the College of Design computer labs. ...collaborate on help topics for the CDes computer labs.
CDesConstitution College of Design Constitution Committee ...collaborate on writing the new College of Design constitution
CDesEscholarship Work of the College of Design E-Scholarship Committee Collaborate and record activities of the committee
CDesExpertise An internal wiki of faculty expertise and interests.  
CDesIdentityGroup College of Design Identity Committee To collaborate on creating an identity system for the College of Design
CDesMission CDes Mission  
CDesReview1 CDesReview1? ...collaborate on
CDesWhatIfWiki College of Design what if... wiki collaborate on CDes Web site home page what if... questions
CDesWiki College of Design wiki ...collaborate on the direction of the College of Design
CDes_IT_Team CDes IT collaborative wiki document, cross-train, inform, engage and understand what we do.
CEEDWIKI   ...to know who has what items available so that we can share resources.
CEGEITSupport CEGE IT Support  
CEHDATSCheckoutEquipment CEHD ATS equipment available for checkout ...collaborate on best ways to present this information to ITFs.
CEHDCLAITFPAdmin CEHD/CLA IT Fellowship Program Administrative Wiki ...collaborate on everything and anything to do with the CEHD/CLA IT Fellowship Program
CEHDNeighborhoods CEHD Neighborhoods ...collaborate on the work of the CEHD neighborhoods.
CEHDPolicyDrafts CEHD working policy and implementation wiki ...collaborate on reviewing and drafting policy and implementation language.
CEHDServerTeam CEHD Server and Network Team ...collaborate on
CEHDWIKI WIKI for CEHD Student Services collaborate on CEHD Student Services intermal procedures.
CEHDStudents? Collaborative workspace for CEHD student bloggers ...collaborate on resources and ideas for generating blog posts.
CEHDWebWorkgroup CEHD Website Redesign Workgroup ...collaborate on ideas for the CEHD Website Redesign
CEHDdba College of Education and Human Development - DBA Group ...collaborate on creating a reference depository and brainstorming weather station.
CEHSPTechPlan Technology Plan ...collaborate on developing vision, mission, the final document
CEMSAccounting CEMS Accounting information for faculty, staff, and students ...collaborate on
CEMSGrads CEMS Grad Student Web  
CEMSIT This is a test Wiki for learning about this service ...collaborate on testing Wiki for departmental Use
CEMSITSupport IT Support for the CEMS department  
CEMSgsc Wiki made for the CEMS GSC to edit and distribute information  
CETransGroup A group of transportation researchers working for Department of Civil Engineering collaborate on research projects such as 35W bridge collapse
CEprograms description of programs that provide professional development for staff and faculty about community engaged work map available programs and resources
CFANSBRC CFANS Blue Ribbon Committee ...collaborate on CFANS issues
CFANSBox Test Wiki for CFANS Sandbox
CFANSMentorProgram Information and documents for the CFANS Mentor Program ...collaborate on developing a yearly procedure and documentation for the program
CFANS_CLC Portal to share agendas, documents and other information for the College Leadership Council. ...communicate to department heads, directors and other college leads.
CFANS_OIT_DMBI CFANS Data Management and Business Intelligence Database projects and management
CFANS_OIT_Documentation Wiki for CFANS OIT Documentation Document processes and procedures in CFANS OIT
CFEManual Carlson Funds Enterprise  
CFIFWiki CFIFWiki ...collaborate on CFIFWiki
CHANCE CHANCE course PA 5990 ...collaborate on course projects
CHANCERestricted Restricted wiki web for CHANCE ...collaborate on community work in Cedar-Riverside
CHEM1231CourseWiki This is the CHEM 1231 course wiki site. This site is dedicated to learning organic chemistry.  
CHRLS Corporate Relationships ...collaborate on
CI5301Fall2010Group1 CI 5301 Fall 2010 Group 1  
CI5323FALL2008 This is the class wiki for CI 5323 Online Learning Communities ...collaborate on the creation of an Online Learning Communities Quick Start Guide
CI5367 CI 5367: Teaching with Audio ...to support class work throughout the semester
CI5641_S12 Case Study and Book Study Leads  
CI5902 Class wiki for CI 5902-Family Education Perspectives ...collaborate on distinguishing world views and perspectives that have shaped the professional field and practice of family education.
CI8132ParentingEd Small group collaboration for 8132 Project ...collaborate on teaching in Parenting Ed Fall 2008
CI8147 handout and guiding questions for Spetember 24 collaborate on creation of handout
CI8395sec001 Class site for CI 8395, section 001 ... class site for "Problems: Instructional Systems" Curriculum and Instruction Department
CIDEwrite CIDE writing group ...collaborate on getting our dissertations and writing projects done
CIES International Friendship Group Program ...collaborate on CIES presentation
CIITFELLOW sandbox for CI IT-Fellow test umwiki
CIP MN Conservation Improvement Program research website ...collaborate on Minnesota Energy Conservation Programs
CITP Intranet site for CITP program ...collaborate on
CJKV6300 MBA 6300 group for Spring semester 2010 ...collaborate on group projects
CJLewis English Ed. 5481 upload photographic philosophy
CLAMedia CLA Media Resources ...collaborate on Media-related sources in CLA
CLAMediaPR Processes and procedures for CLA Office of Media and Public Relations ...collaborate on processes and procedures.
CLANexus CLA Nexus Group ...collaborate on Nexus topics
CLAQuickFacts CLA Quick Facts ...gather and disseminate CLA facts
CLA_QuickFacts Quick Facts about the College of Liberal Arts ...collaborate on
CMON CSCI 5115 - Clinical Trials Monitoring Project ...collaborate on CSCI 5115 project
CMR4993 Sketch Comedy Writing Directed Study Group ...collaborate on sketch comedy writing
CMRC N. Bud Grossman Center for Memory Research and Care scientific communication page ...collaborate on scientific issues within the CMRC
CMRR3TReviewWiki CMRR 3T Application Review Process provide guidance for working through the 3T process.
CMSSearch Web to facilitate the CMS Search process ...collaborate on the CMS Search process
CNBD General operations information for CNBD staff  
CNESPrelims An Outline of the CNES reading lists ...collaborate on creating a set of notes for the CNES prelims
COAT Cryptococcal Optimal ART Timing Trial ...collaborate on COAT Trial documents
COPFacultySearch Website for activities of the COP Search Committee Fall 2011  
COSEE College of Exploration planning ...collaborate on planning for the next three years.
COSO committee of sponsoring organizations of the treadway commission ...collaborate on SOX act
CPEStaff Staff Wiki Page for Continuing Professional Education ...collaborate on various projects amongst PDP, CSPP, CECC and CPE
CPsy4343_2009 Cognitive Development ...discuss course material, identify study groups, etc...
CREST CREST umn medical school  
CS1121 Visual Basic (UMD) ...collaborate on program design (algorithms) and testing (error messages) - BUT DO NOT POST CODE
CS4458_2014 Course Wiki for CS4458 Fall 2014  
CS5115AirplaneSched blah we schedule stuff ...collaborate on documents!!!1111
CS8980AdvancedStorageGrp wiki for group ...collaborate on Advanced Storage Sysgtems course, 8980
CSCI1901 Informational collaborative wiki to be used in conjuction with the CSCI 1901 class during Fall Session 2011 ...collaborate on Scheme, Unix, Python and other 1901 topics
CSCI1901staff Private wiki for CSCI1901 course staff  
CSCI4061_S07 Introduction to Operating Systems, Spring 2007 ...share information relevant to the class
CSCI5125 For the Collaborate and Social Computing class. ...collaborate on course projects and assignments.
CSCLTeachingResources CSCL syllabi, common term definitions, and other curriculum planning resources for faculty, lecturers, and grad student instructors  
CSCohort07 07/08 TEL Grant Case Study Cohort ...collaborate on TEL seminar preparation and cohort related activites
CSEProbation Task Force for Probation and Suspension Review  
CSOMIP Carlson International Programs Share information about Carlson International Programs
CSOMOIT CSOM Infrastructure Groups ...collaborate on
CSOMTraining Carlson School Training Information ...collaborate on
CSOMwebadmin Wiki for CSOM web admin to collaborate on creating content in CMS ...collaborate on creating content for Carlson CMS
CSPH Center For Spirituality and Healing provide Center resources.
CSSDEVwiki CSS-DEV is for support in using CSS and other modern markup (XHTML) for U of M sites. ...collaborate on U of M Web templates and site CSS throughout the U
CSTPPTest CSTPP Wiki ...collaborate on
CSci1001S08 Course Wiki for Spring 08 CSci 1001 ...collaborate on CSci 1001 course learning
CSci1001S09 CSci 1001 class wiki ...collaborate on
CSci1001S10 CSci 1001 class wiki ...collaborate on class work
CSci1101Admin work on software for CSci1101 ...collaborate on work on software for CSci1101
CSci3921S09 Class wiki for CSci 3921 ...collaborate on
CSci3921SLEC09 csci 3921 S 09 wiki ...collaborate on csci 3921
CSci4901DLopez Seminar II ...collaborate on preparing for seminar presentations
CSci5125CollabAndSocialComputing Class wiki for CSci5125 Collaborative and Social Computing in Spring 2013  
CSci5131_Spring_2007 CSci5131 Advanced Internet Programming class ...collaborate on csci 5131 class work
CSci5221S11 CSci 5221 (Spring 2011)  
CSci5271F071? CSci 5271 Final Project Wiki ...collaborate on CSci5271 final research project
CSci5980DIW For the Computer Science 5980 Class. ...collaborate on Designing the Interactive Web
CSci8980DSL UMN CSci 8980 - Domain Specific Languages and Analyses - Unofficial ...collaborate on papers from class
CTCsustainability U of M CTC Sustainability Committee ...collaboration of CTC and CTC Sustainability Committee
CTL_Hours   ...collaborate on
CTRPortal Issues Tracking: CTR Portal Development  
CTSAbioinformatics Internal WIKI for CTSA Bioinformatics  
CTSIcommunication CTSI communications project management  
CTSIntranet Intranet for Center for Transportation Studies ... collaborate on the CTS Intranet
CTSWeb A space for CTS Web Redesign Team to share documents, designs, and ideas ...collaborate on CTS Web redesign
CTSWebRedesign A space for CTS Web Redesign Team to share documents, designs, and ideas ...collaborate on
CVAnesthesia CVAnesthesia  
CVMresearchstrategicplan Documents related to the implementation of the CVM Research Strategic Plan ...collaborate on
CVS Concurrent Versioning System Like make, but without make's wrinkles
CWC Crow Wing County 4-H Web Page ...collaborate on
Cad research page  
Cafe_2011_Team2 Cafe 2011 Sr Project ...collaborate on senior project.
Calculus   ...collaborate on
Can Chinese American Network (#2465)  
CancerCenterHistory wiki for the Cancer Center history project  
Candyce seeing what this looks like ...collaborate on
CapstoneAlgae Frank, Riley, Joe, and Allison's Capstone Project ...collaborate on Capstone project
Capstone_salt Project wiki for the salt removal capstone design project ...collaborate on the capstone design salt removal process
Caption Caption Pilots projects ...collaborate / construct purpose, goals, strategies, outcomes of the captioning pilot projects
CaptionPilot CaptionPilot? is a wiki used by Disability Services and DMC Video Production ...collaborate on the two captioning pilots they are working on.
Carbonfoot PA 8002 Carbon Footprint Documents ...collaborate on PA 8002 Carbon Footprint project
CariesPrevention This web defines caries and identifies ways that primary care providers can prevent this silent epidemic. ...collaborate on isentifying and resolving obstacles to integrating caries prevention services into child and teen checkups.
CarlsonImageNow A team site for implementing ImageNow ...collaborate on
Carlson School - Information Technology All things Carlson IT Securely host working papers of conference attendies.
CarlsonScholarships Carlson School of Management Scholarships  
CarlsonToyotaWayReaders Carlson School Operations-Toyota Way Reading Group ...collaborate on Toyota Way Field Book Chapter Notes
CarlsonUFAC   ...collaborate on
CarlsonUndergraduate   ...collaborate on
CarlsonUndergraduateAdvising Resources and information for Carlson School undergraduate program staff.  
Carnew This is my web description ( change this )  
Carter Carter Dunn's Web ...collaborate on Carters Projects
Carterlab Carter Lab Protcols and Procedures ...collaborate on Carter Lab Protcols and Procedures
Case Andersen Case Study ...collaborate on Andersen Case
Cayrtrod We now have been attempting tough to determine out the reasons of losing apple iphone facts. You could possibly lost your cellphone or even a mistaken simply click may possibly leads to deleting of whole cell phone info  
CceLtu CCE Learning Technologies Unit ...collaborate on information architecture and the style guides
CedarRiverside Test Wiki for Engaging the Public: Cedar-Riverside test suitability for Public Policy: Engaging the Public
CeedMelf CEED MELF data management project ...collaborate on
Cell_Biology_Pro Contains proteins involved in actin cytokeletal components of growth cones ...collaborate on
Cell_Biology_Proteins Cell Biology protein descriptions, interactions and citations Keep track of the copious amounts of proteins and interactions involved in cytoskeletal interactions of growth cones (as well as any other cell biology proteins that are of interest)
Cellulase A way for group members in CHEN 5751 to collaborate on the Cellulase project. ...collaborate on the Cellulase project.
Center4alliedhealthWeb A place fo rdialogue about the vision of the Center for Allied Health Programs, a statewide collaborative for 21st Century health profession's education. ...collaborate on creating the innovations for the new center
CenterYDPolicy Policy and support for the Center for 4-H and Community Youth Development ...collaborate on Center policies
Ceranmos The actuality is, pure garcinia extract is safe and sound. Following individuals stick with the over criteria, they will possess a higher possibility of acquiring garcinia products which may be safe so they won't fret about attainable undesirable effects. If you just examine out garcinia cambogia testimonial it'll even more lower the possibilities of building incorrect variety of supplement.  
CfansBellCalendar Events and rooms at the Bell Museum  
CfansMjnAndMB? Collab space for Mike Balak and Mike Neuharth ...collaborate on
CfansOitOperations CFANS Operations Collaboration and Project Update Space ...collaborate on
Chan0194Web   ...collaborate on
Chaoscomplexity   ...collaborate on
CharlesBabbageInstitute Charles Babbage Institute NSF-funded project on computer security ...collaborate on CBI policies, procedures, book orders, activities
CharnasRiekeproject Evaluation of neurologic outcomes in children identified on the expanded newborn screen: The Minnesota Experience Write our paper
Chem2333 A wiki where students create pages about chemical applications in Health Sciences  
ChemSafetyTest This is my web description ( change this )  
CheriSaariClassWikiSite Class wiki site post notes and comments about class
ChickenQuest Wiki for Language Acqusition and Croquet ...collaborate on a proposal to use Croquet for Language and Communication Education
ChildFellowshipManual ChildManual?  
ChildWelfareTech This is a collaborative learning space for participants in the workshop "Social Media, Smartphones, and Safety: How Technology is Changing Child Welfare Practice" at the Univeristy of Minnesota - School of Social Work's 2012 CEUs on a Stick.  
Chilunlin   Study
ChinaAlworthTalk This is the Wiki site of the presenters doing the Alworth Talk on our Speech Pathology Conference and travel to China in April of 2007. ...collaborate on our upcoming presentation.
ChinaGroupLeaders Info for faculty leading groups to China ...collaborate on
ChinaSeminar2007   ...collaborate on
ChineseReligionandSociety wiki for ...collaborate on
Chipmark CSCI 4950W Senior Software Project ...working on a software project (chipmark).
Chong_Ding Chong Ding's Homepage  
ChristinaSurveyPage Survey questions about widgets help create a new widget
ChristinaWikiOne   ...collaborate on Psy1Honors? Group 22
ChristinasSurveyPage Chistina's survey page collect data regarding in class widget design.
ChristineBettinaKarim? Personal Website  
ChristineKarim Personal Website  
ChristopherBaker This is an experimental Wiki for evaluation. ...collaborate on lots of things.
ChristopherStordalen My personal wiki for UofM projects collaborate on UofM projects.
Ci5323Spr07   ...collaborate on
CidrapIT A place for CIDRAP IT members to document procedures, tips, tricks, etc.  
CidrapQiGrant Organizing a grant proposal to RWJF for a Public Health Quality Improvement website  
CiptoJunaedyProperti Cipto Junaedy Properti  
Cirrus4331 Project designing amphibious floats for the Cirrus SR22  
CirrusDesign   ...collaborate on
CirrusWing AEM Senior Design Project, Fall 2008 ...collaborate on senior design project for Cirrus LSA Wing.
CitSciSite Plans to create a UofMN? Citizen Science community website ...collaborate on
CityWiki City Wiki Demonstation Site ...class space for Blog and Wiki class
Main A Comparative Study of New York and Minneapolis in Popular Culture, ca. 1966-1984 ...consider the spatial representation of New York and Minneapolis in cultural texts from the "urban crisis" of the 1960s and 1970s to the "urban renaissance" of the 1980s and beyond.
CivicAgencyProjectsPA5912 Sharing the final projects of PA5912, Politics of Civic Affairs & Civic Engagement ...collaborate on sharing our projects and talking about them
ClaCtpWiki   ...demo UMWiki
Clancy Clancy's Wiki  
Clara academia  
Main Protocols and Files ...collaborate on lab protocols in use in the Clarke lab.
ClassroomLanguage Resources for Classroom Language and Teaching  
ClassyCat CLASS Assessment Team ...collaborate on developing a CLASS assessment cycle
CleanGreen ICI's Clean and Green Initiative share documents and collaborate on cleaning up the building and going green.
ClickerATIPreview wiki space for Clicker ATIP review ...collaborate on
ClinicalLearninginP12 A work group on issues related to improving clinical learning in CEHD ...collaborate on the determination of needs and coordination of work.
ClockworkWiki Pilot wiki collaboration Tool Clockwork projects
CnbdWeb.EarlyAdversity Early Adversity Workgroup Wiki  
CnbdWeb.ElectroPhys Electrophys workgroup wiki  
Cnc Clinical Neuroscience Administrative Center  
CnesStaff Documents used by office staff of CNES collaborate on office procedures, ideas, etc.
CoP College of Pharmacy wiki webs main ...collaborate on CoP? activities
CoP_Neuroscience collaboration web for members of CoP?_Neuroscience ...collaborate on topics in neuroscience
CoPftc2010 CoP? Faculty Transition Committee Report Collabration Site to development Final Draft to Dean
CodeFreeze Experience and planning for the annual CodeFreeze? symposium record thoughts on past CodeFreeze? symposia, plan the next one.
CogSciSRD Center for Cognitive Science Spring Research Day ...collaborate on Spring Research Day
CollabAndSocialComputing Class wiki for CSci5125 Collaborative and Social Computing  
Collaboration A place to document myU Collaboration Tools ...collaborate on
Collaborationtools A resource for Extension educators, created for a Rubinyi/Sagor 2008 Extension Fall Conference presentation. find links & info about collaborative tools to support Extension work.
CollinsPlace For descendants of Ed and Sue Collins ...collaborate on family business
ComSLE ComSLE? is the Committee on Second Language Education, a CLA group comprising members of language departments, administration and support units. Manage meeting agendas and minutes
CombinatorialChemistry parallel medicinal chemistry ...collaborate on methods in combinatorial chemistry
CommForumProgramCommittee U of M Communicators Forum Program Committee  
Commonground This is idea commons centered on rebuilding common ground following the I 35W bridge collapse ...collaborate on sparking and sustaining a cultural conversation on the river, the bridge, the community and the commonground we share
CommunityDevelopment Topics related to Community Development ...collaborate on Community Development
CompBioLab Computational Biology and Functional Genomics Lab ...collaborate on genetic interaction project
CompassionatePolitics Bridging the gap between compassion and politics, especially national and world politics ...collaborate on ways to make politics and public policies more compassion
CompostingInitiative A hub of information involving organic recycling and the development of composting on the UMM campus.  
Compres09Report Compress 2009 Report ...collaborate on
ComputerHelp creating a computer problem wiki ...collaborate on computer problems
ConceptFramework ConceptFramework? ...collaborate on ConceptFramework?
CongoRed A (simple?) course management system, currently for use in Pathology courses  
ConsCollab Consultants Collaborative gather information for our new collaborative
ConservationImprovement Conservation Improvement Program ...collaborate on
Content Use this information to gain ideas for content for the portal views for undergraduate students Content ideas
ContinuousIntegration A Site to collaborate and explore Continuous Integration concepts and implementation.  
Contraceptives U01 Contraceptive Project  
Copenhagen2009 Learning Abroad Seminar in Copenhagen share information and plans for a Learning Abroad trip to Copenhagen, Denmark in May 2009
CoreFinSysTraining Wiki for the Core Financial System Training Collaborate on support topics for the Core Financial System Training
CoreFinancialSystemTraini Wiki for Core Financial System Training Support Collaborate on support issues for the Core Financial System Training
CostumeArtifactReports Reports on costume artifacts in the Goldstein Museum of Design make student collaboration on analysis of costume artifacts in the GMD available for later GMD staff collaboration
Courneya Activities related to Red River Basin River Watch work ...collaborate on
Course_Notes Course Notes from Classes ...collaborate on
CraigGjerdingen   Office of Infomation Technology OIT info, Reading and Learning List, and Other Misc.
CramerGroup Cramer Group Wiki  
CreativeWritingWIKI A wiki for instructors of creative writing classes in higher-ed collaborate with other instructors on theory and pedagogy issues.
CropBudget Crop Budget Tool Users Guide  
Croquet Croquet Wiki ...collaborate on croquet
CroquetLanguagePragmatics A Wiki to work on developing a Croquet application using language pragmatics lessons ...collaborate on
CrosbyBC public affairs courses ...collaborate on class projects
Cs1901Students A student's guide to programming in scheme. ...collaborate on scheme hacks, efficient testing procedures and cool ideas
CsGame1901 For CSci 1901's Game Project collaborate on the construction of the CSci 1901 Game
Csci1901SP09 Official wiki for CSci 1901 Spring 2009 discuss introductory computer science topics
Csci5471Fall2007TeamSalsa CSci 5471 - Fall 2007 - Team Salsa ...collaborate on
CsomCase CSOM Case  
CsomUndergraduateAdvising Resources for Carlson School Undergraduate Advising staff  
Cstaff Air Force ROTC Command Staff Wiki ...collaborate on the management of tasks for the Cadet Wing.
Cstafftest Wiki Test for Comp Staff share information for compstaff
Cuaderno Cuaderno Web ... collaborate on the Cuaderno wiki
Cube237g Cube237g ...collaborate on
CulturalCompetency Cultural Competency ...collaborate on
CultureClub 8142 grp project ...collaborate on group project
Culverts Recessed culverts ...collaborate on
CumminsDesign Group Info  
Current_Topics_APS University of Minnesota course on Current Topics in Applied Plant Sciences contribute journal articles for discussion
Cyberinfrastructure Implementing Cyberinfrastructure for 21st Century Research ...collaborate on strategies for creating a Cyberinfrastructure includes the instruments, sensors, high performance computational systems, massive storage systems, data resources, and visualization facilities, tied together by high speed networks and made to work together by advanced software to accomplish goals that would not be possible by any single information technology system.


Name Description Use To
DASstudy How do depressed adolescents differ in the way they think about themselves compared to the typically developing adolescents? We are interested in learning how the brains of adolescents work while they think about themselves and others, because adolescence is a time for forming self-identity. Children who participate will be asked to complete an interview, questionnaires, computer games about their personality and play an online game of catch with other players. They will complete the computer games inside an MRI scanner, which is a non-intrusive and safe way to look at how the brain functions. Participants will receive psychological assessments at no cost, and referrals to treatment programs may be provided. Families are compensated for their participation.  
DCL Admin catalogers of the DCL ...collaborate on clean-up requests, additions to value lists etc.
DCSmeet Weekly research meetings of the DCS group ...collaborate on
DDRsearch A site dedicated to on-campus DDR and those to play it, used to locate and gather those who play the game.
DDT Thomas Lab Help ...collaborate on
DF2TA Tutorials for DF2 TAs. College of Design ...collaborate on
DHA5342Widgets TWiki site for DHA 5342's display of Dashboard Widgets... ... display individual Widget designs
DHA5342_2008 Wiki for DHA5342 Spring 08 ...collaborate on students learning how to create a Wiki
DHA5342_2010 Class Wiki for DHA5342 2010 ...collaborate with other students learning how to create a Wiki
DHA5399 Theory of Electronic Design Support a class in interactive media theory.
DHHDay2008 Wiki for planning committee for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Day 2008  
DHHDay2009 U of M's Deaf & Hard of Hearing Day 2009 ...collaborate on
DILweb Web for DIL Project - IHRC, U of MN  
DISTOPIA wiki for discussing UMM accessibility issues ...collaborate on improving access for disabled students, staff, and faculty at UMM
DLG School of Public Health's Distance Learning Group  
DLGdev Digital Learning Group Private Collaboration
DMCCoordinators private space for our work ...collaborate on strategic planning and more
DMCInternal Internal web site for the Digital Media Center ...for practicing with wikis, as well as ad-hoc DMC workgroups, classes, etc
DMCManagers DMC Managers collaborative writing space ...collaborate on DMC management
DMCReadingGroup DMC's Scholarship of Teaching reading group ...provide resources
DMEDFacultyWiki Med School Duluth Campus faculty discussions  
DMEDTradingPost   Place to list supplies people want to exchange
DMTTestWiki Test Wiki for DMT Project  
DNPTIGER TIGER Recommendations - Toolkit Development ...collaborate on the development of toolkit for use in a local hospital and clinic system
DODgraphene UMN/Mayo glucose sensor project  
DRPWiki testing the wiki setup ...collaborate on
DRSTEST Test for the DRS distrubition ...collaborate on
DSCN Developmental Social Cognitive Neuroscience  
DSIntranet Intranet for Disability Services Update and convey information to Disability Services employees
DSandbox Describe what this web does. ...to do something.
DTWCohort2007 Wiki web for the 2007 DTW Cohort group ...collaborate on
DVLA DVLA is really an executive agency that sponsored by the transport department of the government. If the UK citizens want to get more information about this registration process, they can contact DVLA customer service department.  
DWiki Development Wiki  
DWtwo training for wiki tes ...collaborate on
DalleMath Documentation on math research and tools access mathematical programs and research papers
Damistatwiki Statistics Wiki as a study tool
DamonBrinson   ...collaborate on
Dan This is a Test wiki ...collaborate on testing wiki
DanceProgram   ...collaborate on dance program business
DanceProgramSpace   ...collaborate on dance program space
DanielleCarrigan instructional page collaborate on web pages
DanishBiz Get aquinted with danish businesses  
Dans dans wiki test 2 ...collaborate on stuff
DansWiki Personal Wiki ...collaborate on personal use
DataCollectionReportTLP TLP Project on operationalizing the data collection plan from the Student Success Workteam ...collaborate on SSW data collection project(s)
DataServices for ULibraries data services librarian's work ...collaborate on
DatabaseGroup The Database Group is an informal group of people who work at the University of Minnesota on databases. We have a listserv and occassional meetings. ...collaborate on databases including but not limited to SQL Server, Oracle, Access, FileMarke? and FoxPro?
DaveSurveyPage This is the main page for widget usability surveys. provide input on widget design.
Davestaff Test For Cstaff wiki ...collaborate to do testing
David David's page ...collaborate on
DavidDonatucci Myself  
DayOnWriting The On-Campus Happenings of the National Day on Writing (October 20, 2009) centralize information for events and activities on the Day on Writing
DeYoungLab Documentation (FS, dir, etc.)  
Deep Learning Resources Resources for Deep Learning  
Deer We would like to explore the advantages of pellet counts and distance sampling to estimate ungulate abundance ...collaborate on methods to estimate the relative and absolute abundance of ungulates
Degr1554 Degr1554  
Degree12 Degree12  
Deletethis testweb, not needed in five minutes ...collaborate on
Dem1234 Used for experimenting with functionality as a collaborative teaching tool and experimental place
DemoWiki Demo wIki for ICD faculty  
DemoWiki2   ...collaborate on
Demoweb Sample web ...collaborate on
Demowiki draft versions ...collaborate on draft versions
DennisSkovsted Dennis Skovsted test
DentalStudentPathology pathology course wiki for dental students ...collaborate on course content
DerbyResearchGroup Wiki for Jeff Derby's Research Group  
DerrickTetzman Master's research  
DescribeJob This wiki will help me document, edit and revise my moving target of a job description ...collaborate on the most accurate post-EFS post-recession job description
DesignAtMinnesota A repository for information about the Design @ Minnesota grant project.  
DesignCRED Creativity+Research+Education+Design ...collaborate on research in design and education
DesignFlash A wiki in support of DHA 5341 Interactive Media and the use of Flash. understand Adobe/Macromedia Flash better. Tips, FAQs, and worksheets.
DesignGames A course exploring new modes of interaction in design tools. find and share resources related to the Design Games course in the School of Architecture.
DesignMajor CDes Design Major workspace ...collaborate on
DesignSpace boeing continuation of the design space 2008 ...collaborate on
Designtrip A portal and forum for students, staff and faculty in the College of Design to share learning abroad experiences ...collaborate on building a community of design students with knowledge of international travel and learning.
DeveloperTools Links to resources for ICI's Web developers Create a comprehensive listing of tools for developers, in collaboration with fellow developers at ICI.
DevelopmentPractice Information for the MDP program committee ...collaborate on logistics for the MDP.
Diaspora MSSE13 Spring 2012 Group Web  
Diaspora2012 MSSE13 Spring 2012 Group Web  
DietingInformatics Nursing 5115 Wiki ...collaborate on
DigCampus Resources related to the Digital Campus ...collaborate on digital campus.
DigitalDesignAssemblage Digital Design Assemblages Seminar ...collaborate on Digital Design Assemblages
DigitalPlanet For Digital Planet courses teaching
DigitalPlanetWiki Wiki for students in the Fall 2010 Digital Planet Course  
Diseases diseases information  
Disserpedia A resource for people writing theses and dissertations suggest resources for graduate students and their mentors
Dissertation Dissertation wiki capture research notes
DistEdDiscussion DistEdDiscussion? Web ...collaborate on DistEdDiscussion?
DistinguishedTeachers A wiki for Academy of Distinguished Teachers members ...collaborate and build upon ADT member ideas
Distrust Distributed Trust Project ...collaborate on the Distributed Trust project
Diversity Diversity in education ...collaborate on
Divorce Parents Forever Education for Divorce Transition .collaborate on Parents Forever curriculum revisions
DocConWorkPlan DS Document Conversion 2010 Work Plan ...post minutes and collaborate on the work to be done
DogManure   ...collaborate on
DolanCS3501 Course Wiki for CS 3501-- Analysis of Algorithms  
DolanCS4458 Course Wiki for Bioinformatic Systems (CS4458) ...collaborate on
DolanCS4901 Senior Seminar 2 ...coordinate the senior seminar course
DolanMath1012 Course page for section 2 of Precalculus (Fall 2010)  
DolanMath1101 DolanMath1102? Web  
DolanMath1102 Course Site for Calculus II  
DolanMath901 Class Wiki for College Algebra  
DorfmanWiki Dorfman Research Group Wiki ...collaborate on
DrEric Eric Meininger's personal wiki site ...collaborate with others
DrRain   ...collaborate on
DrainageOutlet Conservation Drainage - Draining only that which is necessary, and not a drop more ...collaborate on approaches to drainage that support production but mitigate environmental effects
DreamweacerHowTo Test of creating a wiki to use the code in dreamweaver ...collaborate on
DrewsDeletableTest this will be going away ...collaborate on blah
DrewsForgettableWeb to be deleted  
Driscolls Driscolls Antiques are specialists in high quality British antique furniture and unique antique collectables.  
DrugDiscovery The Drug Discovery Wiki will be a clearinghouse for information on Drug Discovery and Development at the University of Minnesota ...collaborate on Drug Discovery
DrupalUserGroup Collaborative space for University of Minnesota Drupal Users  
DrupalUsers Collaborative space for University of Minnesota Drupal users  
Dubai Architectue, Government/Econ, Culture of Dubai ...collaborate on
Dubai101 Architecture, Government/ Econ, Culture ...collaborate on
DwightStollResearchWeb Space devoted to information related to my research activity here at the UofM. This site will be used to collaborate on analytical chemistry research
DynamicQC internal wiki for the dynamic QC project  


Name Description Use To
EAD   ...collaborate on
EADWebDesigner Wiki for EAD web designers ...collaborate on web design issues
EAT Emerging Academic Technology  
EAW EAW for Little Lake Josephine Community Development  
ECPFacultySearch ECP Faculty Search Committee  
ECh4610sec001 ECh4610sec001 ...collaborate on ECh4610sec001
ECsWiki ECSWiki ...collaborate on ECSWiki
EDHD5001 A site for the EDHD5001/EPSY3119 course.  
EDPA5307 School Management and Technology ...collaborate on class assignments
EDRI Equity and Diversity Research Institute (OED) ...collaborate on work done for the Equity and Diversity Research Insitute's Self Study Group.
EDTPPSpr08 Economic Development Group for TPP Spring 2008 ...collaborate on Econ Development project
EE3102AM09 Design of AM Radio for 3102 Section 2 ...collaborate on the design of AM radio
EE4163_Spring12 Lab_Website  
EE4951Spring2011TEG EE4951 Spring 2011 TEG Energy Harvesting Group Wiki  
EE5657_Fall10_ThursLab Wiki for the Thursday lab group for EE 5657  
EEGPreprocessingPipeline SSK'sPreprocessingPipeline  
EEGusers Interactive space for EEG LAB users at the University of Minnesota Schedule events& communicate about reserach
EESI Stakeholder meeting place ...collaborate on Elder Economic Security Initiative
EESgroup The Electric Energy Systems group at the University of Minnesota has two primary focus areas - Reforming Education and Research. Resource page for faculty development
EE_3161_Fall_09 EE 3161 - Semiconductor Devices: Course Web Site obtain information and documents pertaining to the course.
EFANSconnects   Content links for use in the June 2010 EFANS Connects session.
EFCUAV collaborate on Hand Launched Electric Fuel Cell UAV sponsored by Lockheed Martin  
EFF Trial Wiki ...collaborate on MJF project
EFS_Data_User_Group Collaboration resource for people who will be accessing data from the new enterprise financial system for reporting, data lookup, queries or applications share information and resources about EFS data
EFSassess   ...collaborate on assessment options
ELI2009 ELI Fall Focus Session 2009: Flattening the Classroom: Building Collaborative Learning Environments ...collaborate on ELI focus session ideas
EM2C2 Collaborative development for E=M2C2 ...collaborate on chronic disease curriculum.
EMMC Wiki site for the Electron Microscopy Management Committee ...collaborate on all matters surrounding electron microscopy at the University of Minnesota
EMS EMS Client 11.0 ...collaborate on
ENTR Group 1 wiki for ENTR 6020 ...collaborate on
EPASA Educational Policy and Administration Student Association Educational Policy and Administration Student Association
University of Minnesota
EPC information for EPC  
EPCRN   ...collaborate on
EPCRNWikiWeb electronic Primary Care Research Network ...collaborate on
EPHconcentration   ...collaborate on
EPHcourse   ...collaborate on
EPHdefinitions?   ...collaborate on
EPHmission   ...collaborate on
EPHsyllabus   ...collaborate on
EPMA A wiki on EPMA techniques and methods  
EPubH wiki devoted to ePublic Health ...collaborate on creating new program in SPH
EPubHcourse Course ...collaborate on
EPubHdefinitions Definitions ...collaborate on
EPubHfuture   ...collaborate on
EPubHsum Student syllabus for ePubH Design of online interventions ...collaborate on
EPubHsyllabus   ...collaborate on
EPubhsurvey   ...collaborate on
ERCMorris Morris Regional ...collaborate on newsletters, ppts etc.
ERSS Documenting eRSS processes ...collaborate on documenting eRSS processes
EReaderProject Collaborative space for working on a project about ebooks and ereaders ...collaborate on with others on a project involving ebooks and ereaders
ESAT3200sec001spring2006 ESAT 3200 Sec 001 Spring 2006 ...collaborate on ESAT 3200 Sec 001 Spring 2006
ESPM3241W Policy briefings of key state and national environmental laws developed by students ...collaborate on synthesizing information pertaining to environmental laws
ESPM5242 Methods for Environmental and Natural Resource Policy Analysis conducting policy analysis and providing critiques of analyses
ESPMClimante   ...collaborate on ESPM 3000 group papers
ESPMClimate3000   ...collaborate on ESPM3000 group papers
ESRISiteLicense ArcGIS? software administration ...collaborate on managing ESRI software on campus.
ESRISoftware ArcGIS? software topics ...collaborate on ESRI software issues
ESS Experimental Surgical Services Wiki ...collaborate on ESS Lab Projects
ES_MRI This is my web description ( change this )  
ETC Engagement Themed Coordinator Program ...collaborate on documents relating to the ETC Program.
EWB Engineers Without Boarders (EWB) U of M Chapter To act as a Project managment, Document revision repository
EWCMVendorQuestions Vendor questions for EWCM ...collaborate on
EWilsonSDProj database for State Difference Project ...collaborate on comparing energy structures and policies among 6 US states
EXTFD_HandN Extension Family Development Health & Nutrition wiki space ...collaborate on Health & Nutrition items
Eagan3605 This is for GEOG 3605 students in the Eagan group ...collaborate on completing this project
EcologyClassics A paper discussion group for UMD biology graduate students ...collaborate on discussion of classic ecology papers
Econ_4751 Financial Economics Wiki include student input
Econometrics The website for Introductory Econometrics Spring 2009 ...collaborate on
Ecophys Ecophys Document models and modeling efforts in Ecophys
EcosystemGroup Wiki resources for Ecosystem Discussion Group at the University of Minnesota  
Ed123 Ed123  
EdPA Educational Policy & Administration Wiki ...collaborate on research and policy themes in Educational Policy and Administration (including Higher Education, Evaluation Studies, Educational Leadership / Administration, and Comparative and International Development Education)
EdSe4501Sec1 EdSe4501Sec1? ...collaborate on EdSe4501Sec1?
EdSe4501Sec2 EdSe4501Sec2? ...collaborate on EdSe4501Sec2?
EdTec Law School educational tecchnology ...collaborate on ideas
EdelenHomePage Llife of the Edelen's ...collaborate on
Edible_Landscape Edible landscape ...collaborate on Week 1 discussion questions
EdisonCiSEnglish Wiki for Edison CiS? University Writing and Intro to Literature ...collaborate on
Edtechbridge Educational Technology Bridge ...collaborate on setting up meetings and discussions to explore online pedagogy.
Edu1 How To Convert Your Experiences into Accredited Degree  
Educ4500sec4 Educ4500sec4 ...collaborate on Educ4500sec4
Educ5413sec001 Educ 5413 - Teaching with Technology ...class wiki
EducSearch EducSearch? ...collaborate on EducSearch?
Educonframe UMD Conceptual Frameworks Matrix Drafting Space ...collaborate on the creation of a matrix that defines the department's frameworks in light of undergrad and graduate programs
Educonvrame UMD Conceptual Frameworks Matrix Drafting Space ...collaborate on the creation of a matrix that defines the department's frameworks in light of undergrad and graduate programs
EfficiencyGroup CBS Dean's Advisory Council on Priorities Efficiency Workgroup  
EfficiencyWorkgroup Dean's Advisory Council on Priorities Efficiency Workgroup  
Ehijab a website to sharing information about fashion style  
Eigentrust Research about the Eigentrust algorithm for P2P? trust mechanics ...collaborate on Eigentrust research
ElEd3102 Literacy and Language Instruction in the Elementary School collaborate on issues of reading instruction.
ElEd4101 Inclusive Classrooms ...collaborate on inclusive classroom education
Eldvesund Government Vacancies is surely an easy way to outperforming federal government occupation options. you can visit the website http://sarkarijobslive.com for all new indian government jobs .  
ElectroPhys Workgroup  
ElenaResearchWeb Elena's web for planning, discussion, etc. related to research ...collaborate on research on programming languages topics
ElenaUMMCsci A web for various organizational discussions ...discuss plans for various UMM events
Elidrisiwiki Mohamed Elidrisi  
EmShare Sharing EM papers  
EmailAccountsOffice ADCS E-mail Accounts Office  
Emporium Med-Peds Agora share
Encryption Information on file and data encryption on desktop and laptop computers share information about encyption software
EncylcopediaDemo Demo for TechFest? 2007 Demonstrate one use of a wiki in an online class.
EnemyReleaseProject Site for collaboration on two natural enemy exclusion experiments at the Cedar Creek LTER. ...collaborate on research ideas, project implementation and analysis.
Energy.Transportation Mechanical Engineering Task Force ...collaborate on strategic planning
EnergyConservation Conservation Improvement Programs in Minnesota ...collaborate on MN CIP research
EnergyFutures Cooperative Energy Futures project for Synthesis Workshop ...collaborate on capstone project for Synthesis workshop
Energy_Transportation Mechanical Engineering Task Force ...collaborate on strategic planning
EngC1013sec001 EngC? 1013 section 001 Wiki space collaborate with classmates on a wide variety of class activities.
EngagingTheatreHistory TH3172 wiki site for Spring 2010 ...collaborate on a Theatre History knowledge project
Engarath The gamblers who like to bet on judi bola online can utilize the services from this platform.  
Engine_test_stand Spring '09 AEM4333 Engine/Prop Test Stand Build upload files/folders for Engine/Prop Test Stand build team.
Wiki Help Innovations & New Ideas in Technology, Life, & People ...collaborate on team work
Engl5581 Course Wiki for English 5581 facilitate class discussion
Engl5800 A course wiki for students in the Practicum in the Teaching of English ...collaborate on professional development as post-secondary teachers of English
EnglishGSO English GSO WebWiki? develop more compelling syllabi
EnterprisePortal Enterprise Portal Requirements  
Entr6021Team2 Storage for files relating to Team 2's work documents for ENTR6021 ...collaborate on file management for ENTR6021
EntrePadres Latino parenting program ...collaborate on
Environment Mechanical Engineering Task Force ...collaborate on strategic planning
EnvironmentalManagement Group wiki collaborate on group project
Enweyang Materials Respository for Enweyang ...collaborate on Enweyang pre-K/Kindergarten Nest
EpiCHNccDba Database administrator's wiki at the Nutrition Coordinating Center, Division of Epidemiology & Community Health, School of Public Health, University of MN  
Eprop Electric UAV Propulsion Optimization ...collaborate on Electric UAV Propulsion Optimization
EricLaska Eric Laska's personal web  
EricLedin Personal scholastic website to display a bit of knowledge.
EricSurveyPage Eric Price's Survey Results ...collaborate on survey results
Eriehab Wiki for the Lake Erie Integrated Habitat Map ...collaborate on creation of the Lake Erie Integrated Habitat Map
Error_Feedback A forum to collect information about error feedback in second or foreign language learning. ...collaborate on developing error feedback practice and theory.
Esagor   ...collaborate on various forestry projects
EssaysChief This web is intended to provide useful guidance for students in writing academic coursework such as essays, research papers, dissertations, theses, case studies etc.  
EssentialsModernMedicine Workspace for the development of the new Essentials of Modern Medicine Curriculum ...collaborate on
Estudio eStudio is a community site for creative research that explores the expanding terrain of digital and hybrid forms of fabrication, emerging materials, and the new ways of imagining, thinking, making, and collaborating that these tools catalyze.  
EthiconWiki the website for collaborating on the Ethicon Project collaborate on NPDBD Project
Ethics A Class Wiki for Ethics and Society to devevlop understanding of ethical issues.
EthicsSociety   ...collaborate on
EvalPaper A Wiki for us to piece together our paper for Tuesday. ...collaborate on our paper and presentation.
Evergreen Evergreen Writer's Web ...collaborate on creative writing
ExampleClassWiki An example of a wiki used in the classroom illustrate how teachers can structure a wiki for classroom use
Existingweb.Accessories Absinthe Fountains, Glasses And Spoons  
Expeditions Wiki Space for Social Computing Expeditions Proposal ...collaborate on UMN, UMich, CMU Expeditions Proposal
Experience12 Experience12  
ExtBusApps Extension Business Applications ...collaborate on application and web site problems and solutions for U of MN Extension
ExtDisasters Resources from Extension on various disasters. ...collaborate on responding to disasters with Extension resources.
ExtFD_Dev? Collaboration space for Family Development web work ...collaborate on building the FD web site
ExtFD_Promotion A wiki for sharing resources about job promotion. ...collaborate on sharing resources for job promotion.
ExtFD_Tech Technical issues relating to Extension Family Development CA ...collaborate on technical support issues and notes.
ExtMexStud Extension Mexico Study Tour 2009 ...collaborate on
ExtRetirements Use this space to share news of retirement gatherings or to announce retirements to the wider Extension commuinity  
ExtYouthDev   ...collaborate on
Extension20   ...collaborate on
ExtensionFilenet This site is for Extension Service employees who use, maintain, or provide technical support for Extension's implementation of FileNet? (CMS). ...collaborate on documenting Uof MN Extension's unique implementation of FileNet.
ExtensionPhoneResources Resources for Farm Information Phone Line Facilitate staff in recognizing warning signs and symptoms of stress and provide helpful resources.
ExtensionProjectOffice Extension Service "Project Office" ...collaborate on best practices for planning and managing projects. This site will also help with project management training for Extension employees.
ExtensionWeb Extension's Web Resources, Downloads, Documentation ...collaborate on Resources, Downloads, Documentation
Externship This wiki is for student interns in CSD 8197 share experiences, ideas, and support related to their exernship
ExtremeQuiz Ross2 and Ballz Extreme Quiz digital project for class


Name Description Use To
FAMOUSWiki A description and Help Wiki for FAMOUS get information and advice to ease you use of FAMOUS
FASDDC Web tool for sharing information for members of MOFAS FASD Diagnostic Consortium ...collaborate on issues surrounding clinical diagnosis of FASD
FASDDiagConsortium MOFAS FASD Diagnostic Consortium online community FASD Diagnostic Consortium members to share knowledge and experiences in working with children and families affected by FASD.
FDCTest Testing  
FDSY4101Projects? This is the page we will use to manage the service-learning project in which we will engage in this course.  
FDSY4101_Projects This wiki is used to organize and communicate information about the projects in which you will engage during this course.  
FEECGroup This is my web description ( change this )  
FFP0809Planning DMC FFP workshop and meeting planning for 2008 - 2009 cohort. ...collaborate on developing talking points, scripts, agendas, resources
FFPWiki Wiki will be used to support development of ideas for TEL Seminar panel. ...collaborate on panel discussion.
FHPTeam Collaborative Space for the team working on fastlanhistoryproject.org ...collaborate on the FastLane? history proect at the Charles Babbage Institute.
FINA6241 Web Home for group finance projects reports
FINA6241_fall_2010 This site is for Jake, Kari, Marcus and Ravi to use for group projects  
FLAGFELLOWS FLAG Fellow Mentees-Chris Mueller ...collaborate on our student assessment tool
FLAGFellows FLAG Fellows working with Chris Mueller ...collaborate on a tool to assess students knowledge, attitudes, and confidence about geriatric nursing
FMBuildings? Facility Management building data ...collaborate on Building Data such as important contacts, equipment issues, address, etc.
FMCHRecruit Family Medicine Residency Programs Recruitment Topics Collaborate on trends and recruitment strategies.
FOURWIKI   ...collaborate on
FPGA_PCB Design of FPGA PCB for Excel Energy - Senior Design Spring 2010 ...collaborate on design of FPGA for senior design group
FPWLC   ...collaborate on
FRParentEducation Work space for the development team to post documents and links. ...collaborate on development of new parent education materials for Extension.
FR_3104_5104 Forest Ecology Course Wiki ...collaborate on learning in FR3104/5104 Forest Ecology
FR_Parent_Education Work space for the development team to post documents and links. ...collaborate on development of new parent education materials for Extension.
FSAE University of Minnesota Formula SAE  
FSOSProject FSOS 3102 Group Project  
FSOSXiongProject   ...collaborate on
FSoSColloquium planning worksheet for spring 2010 colloquium ...collaborate on planning spring 2010 colloquium
FYE A wiki of internet resources on FYE learning communities ...collaborate on research
FYSDiversiWeb a UM Morris wiki web about Internet diversity ...collaborate on describing and defining ways in which the Internet is and is not diverse.
FaCluster For use by the staff of the Departments of Finance and Accounting ...collaborate on Upcoming events.
Fabian First Wiki ...collaborate on community iniciatives
FabianUMN Group assignments ...collaborate on group assignments
Fabianupr   ...collaborate on
FaceDetection Face Detection for Senior Design project Fall09 ...collaborate on
FactoryFivePM Project notes  
FacultyCenter The University of Minnesota Morris Faculty Center's Wiki ...collaborate on publication listings
FacultyIncentives PEL Faculty Incentives Wiki ...collaborate on Faculty Incentives
FacultyMentorship PEL: Faculty Mentorship Wiki ...collaborate on the Faculty Mentorship PEL project
FacultyScholarship Faculty Scholarship Review ...collaborate on reviewing faculty scholarship
Fahrenkrug_Lab Wiki for Fahrenkrug Lab members post and edit protocols, instructions, and documentation for lab related procedures and activities
Falken Everything that happenin' for the Myron Falken Family Keep anyone interested abreast of happenings on both sides of our families -- Falken and Schulte
Fall09NSP   Collaborative Site for Crisis Simulation Information
Fall09_CS5115_WalkingKids Wiki for collaboration on CS5115 Project - Fall 2009 ...collaborate on
Fam.Teens Collaborative site for U of M Extension Families with Teens Team ...collaborate on projects including new consumable product for parents, take and teach lessons and research updates
FamMedNotes Site to review and edit Family Medicine Notes at for DFMCH ...collaborate on Notes
FamRDW training for wiki tes ...collaborate on
Famfriendly Family Friendly Project Work intended to support U of M strategic vision
FamilyAllWays Divorce education for middle school aged youth ...collaborate on
Famresourcemgmt Family Resource Management work in process site ...collaborate on family resource management programming
FarmToTable Communications tool for Farm To Table Work Group ...collaborate on work group processes/activities
FarragutNorth News and Events: Public policy Done Funny! ...collaborate on
FastLaneHPTeamWiki Collaborative Space for the team working on fastlanhistoryproject.org ...collaborate on the FastLane? history proect at the Charles Babbage Institute.
FeelBetterFastHPO Collaboration about a health promotion event observation  
FengXiao University of Minnesota ...collaborate on
Ferguson My Wiki Page for Digital Planet ...collaborate on
Finafinalproject A collaboration web space for completing the final project in fina 4241 ...collaborate on fina 4241 final project
Final8242 8242 Final Project - CamiMyra? ...collaborate on
Financeworld Everything about finance  
FixedPros Class Wiki ...collaborate on
FlhpTeam? Fastlane History Project Team Wiki ...collaborate on the FastLane? history proect at the Charles Babbage Institute.
Wiki Help University of Minnesota's UAV Simulator package and documentation ...make our simulation tools available to the public.
Florida Research on the Florida Keys rich history and culture.  
FnOcommittee Finance and Operations committee at CTC ...collaborate on
Food education  
Foodaid web for tpp working group on food aid final project
FoodandAgTaskForce Food and Agricultural Systems Task Force ...collaborate on the development of CFANS compact requests
FormationFlying AEM 4332 Formation Flying Team. ...collaborate on
FoundationsofIS Online Journal for the Discussion on the Philosophy of Information Technology ...collaborate on
Foxsapporo files for fox case study ...collaborate on paper for fox class
Frank OTR St. Paul ...collaborate on providing information to OTR staff
FredaSurveyPage This will explore widgets used in small portable devices. ...collect and record information about use of widgets
French1002 Recettes Francophones organiser des recettes des pays francophones
FrisbieGroup Frisbie Group Wiki  
Fritz127 Fritz127 ...collaborate on
Fsclub University of Minnesota Forensic Science Club  
Full1 online free  
FunSun Fun in the Sun Wiki ...collaborate on UMContent Tips and Techniques
FutureLostArchitectures Future Lost Architectures is a BDA Workshop course offered in the School of Architecture  


Name Description Use To
GAAPC Global Analysis of Air Pollution in Cities Project page ...collaborate on interdisciplinary project
GAPSA Graduate and Professional Assembly Institutional Memory Repository ...collaborate on advocacy and programming for Graduate and Professional Students
GAPSAIMAGES GAPSA Newsletter Images  
GC1042sec003 GC 1042 Reading in the Content Area ...class wiki
GCAD General College Active Directory Conversion ...collaborate on documentation for the GC AD conversion and share information about glitches or other surprises that arise in the process
GCEP Global Connections ...collaborate on setting up the workshop
GCJ gcj's wiki in umn record my life in umn
GCPodcasting GC TEL Podcasting and Wiki Grant Group ...to jointly edit a TEL Grant podcasting proposal
GCTechSupport GC Tech Support team ...collaborate on support
GDES5342 iPhone App  
GDES_5342 Wiki for our class  
GELlab Minnesota Laboratory for Low Vision Research ...collaborate on describing our work
GER3014sec001 GER 3014 German Media ...class wiki
GIS GIS at the U ...learn more about GIS at UMN
GLBTAPO Wiki for GLBTA Programs Office staff tasks  
GLCWCland Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands Consortium Landscape Committee ...collaborate on writing
GPSBiStat AEM 4332W Senior Design II ...collaborate on the GPS BiStatic? Radar Student Project
GPSBistaticRadar GPS Bi-static Radar Use as a source of information and integrating ideas of GPS Bi-static Radar.
GPSRadar Conceptual Design of a GPS Bi-Static Radar System in conjuction with the University Nanosat Program ...collaborate on AEM 4332 Senior Design II Project
GPUComp Project for EE5940  
GPU_Computing wiki for EE5940 sprint2011  
GRAD8200sec001 Grad School class 8200 section 1 ...collaborate on Teaching with Technology: Practices, Problems and Promises.
GROUP6035 Managerial Accounting Group Group project collaboration.
GSCollaborate Graduate School Collaboration Group collaborate on Graduate School improvements
GSFDesign GSF Application Design ...collaborate on the design of the GSF application
GSPGabbyMitch Hecua Must 2009 GSP Gabby & Mitch ...collaborate on MUST 2009 GSP
GSRS   ...collaborate on Graduate Symposium in Romance Studies 2010 planning.
GSRS2010   ...collaborate on Graduate Symposium in Romance Studies
GWDesktop Desktop Wiki to organize my work.  
GYPL Global Youth Policy and Leadership ...collaborate on issues of Global Youth Policy and Leadership
Gaeshrad This is because they are able to have an excellent option of watching this game of thrones season 5 free on the internet.  
GagliardiGroup The Gagliardi Group Wiki  
GambarNarutoTerbaru Gambar naruto  
GameteBiology This is a web to foster collaboration among people working on gametes ...collaborate on data analysis, manuscript preparation, experimental design
GapStudy Project page for the Divide Canopy Gap Study collaborate on DCGS
Gapsa Wiki for the Gapsa Executive Board to collaborate on scheduling, planning, events, and ideas ...collaborate on
GardeningSurrey Cleaning is a major investment with any home and health. Cleaning professionals can help you do the cleaning and ease the burden of your head. But you are to be careful with the selection of right cleaning professionals.  
Gardner_research_group Gardner Lab GCD  
Garrett Spring Group 1 informatics ...collaborate on
Gd1wiki A place to discuss ideas for DHA2351. ...collaborate on things.
GenderCodes supplemental images for Geder Codes (IEEE Computer Society Press/ Wiley, 2010)  
GenderIssuesSp07 Ideas and drafts for the Gender Issues website ...collaborate on our 3921 website project
GeneralHospital Veterinary Technicians News Rag ...collaborate on
GeneticCounseling GeneticCounseling?.Orientation  
Genetics BIOL 3311: Molecular Genetics. Introduction to genetic information, molecular aspects of inheritance, gene expression and regulation in cells/organisms, population genetics, mutation and molecular evolution, genome analysis, and pedigree construction. Emphasizes human genetics. Fall 2011, UMR  
GeoWiki Colloboration wiki for the GeoWiki? Project of Engineers Without Borders - UMN Chapter ...collaborate on
Geog1502CourseDev GEOG 1502 Course Development Site ...collaborate on the share course subject matter that will be used in GEOG 1502
GeogCourseDev1502 GEOG 1502 Course Developement Site ...collaborate on GEOG 1502 Goals and Objectives
GeogFac Informal site for geography faculty ...collaborate on joint projects
GeogGIScEd Dept of Geography's GIS education projects ...collaborate on
GeogGrad Wiki for Geography graduate ...collaborate on issues affecting Geography graduate students.
GeogWeb Web for the Dept of Geography ...collaborate on research, teaching, and service
GeographyGeoWall GeoWall? Project, Department of Geography ...provide resources to GeoWall? users in the Department of Geography.
Geospatial Geospatial analysis involves the use of information technology to understand people, places, and processes on the earth ...collaborate on issues of interest to the U of M geospatial community.
Geriwiki Educational Site Related to Geriatrics in Minnesota ...collaborate on geriatrics education and practice in Minnesota
GetWiredWeb Web Collaboration for UTTC Get Wired Class ...collaborate on an animal training research paper
Giao_Duc A wiki dedicated to studies of Vietnamese historical and contemporary perspectives of the foundations of education. ...collaborate on studies of Vietnamese historical and contemporary perspectives of the foundations of education.
Gisso GIS Student Organization Organize, Plan and Communicate GISSO activities
GlobalInform Global Informatics ...collaborate on
Global_Seminar_May_2008 Physics 4993 Global Seminar Italy and France ...collaborate on preparing for the class
Globation Globalization at the Local Community ...collaborate on globalization program development
Glossary This is a glossary of public affairs terms. ...collaborate on
GoldPASS Administrative user's manual, to be viewed and updated by Career Services Office administrators of GoldPASS. Learn and share knowledge about administrative procedures in GoldPASS
Goldeneye_str Structure team wiki ...collaborate on
Goldeneye_structure Structure team wiki ...collaborate on
GoogleApps Review Google Apps ...collaborate on reviewing Google Apps
GoogleSearchAppliance Documentation and help for University of Minnesota Google Search Appliance users share tips, code, documentation, and solutions with the Search Appliance user community
Gopher Academics Public Wiki Wiki of the McNamara? Academic Center for Student Athletes ...collaborate on information helpful to the MAC and student athletes.
Gopher Academics Staff Wiki Wiki for McNamara? Academic Center Staff ...collaborate on office policies and documentation
GopherGold Gopher Gold Policies and Procedures  
GopherTD Research notes on GopherTD? project  
Gophermail Documentation, discussion, suggestions, etc. ...collaborate on Gophermail use and dev.
Gophermailhelp   ...collaborate on
Gophermailhelpauthoring   ...collaborate on
Gophers Rhetoric assignment ...collaborate on wiki instructions assignment
Gr2_5016 Assignments for Group 2 for BIE 5016 ...collaborate on
GradAdm? Graduate Admissions ...collaborate on
GradEd Mechanical Engineering Task Force ...collaborate on strategic planning
GradPolicyReview Tools and updates for the committee reviewing graduate education policies. ...collaborate on documents related to graduate education policies.
Gradplan Documentation of projects within Graduation Planner. ...collaborate on the creation of new functionality within Graduation Planner.
GraduateEducation Project documentation for the graduate education transformation ...collaborate on documents related to graduate education processes.
GraduationPlanner Resources for advisers ...collaborate on
GraduationPlannerDuluth Graduation Planner Duluth ...collaborate on everything Graduation Planner
Grammar Grammar Resources  
Grandnewavanza2015 Mobil Grand New Avanza 2015  
GrantWriting A wiki for Writ 3110: Advanced Writing in Arts & Letters ...collaborate on Grant Writing Projects
GrapeClipse A client for relational algebra built on Eclipse technology ...collaborate on designing and implementing GrapeClipse?: client for relational algebra built on Eclipse technology
Graphene Research Project Group Members
Graphene_Devices   ...collaborate on the fabrication of graphene and graphene devices
Green_Chemistry What is happening in the GC field. ...collaborate on public outreach, policy, etc
GreenskyResearch A place of research in distributed virtual environments ...collaborate on the quest for knowledge of distributed virtual environments
GregHaider_EE5811 Diagnosing Heart Arrhythmias Through EKGs Self Tutorial on EKG analysis
GregSurveyPage Survey page for Wiki Project for survey results
Group090A MBA 6300 Strategic Management group project 1 ...collaborate on our group project for class
Group1 This is our Wiki ...collaborate on
Group11 Do Not Call and how it works ...collaborate on
Group2012 Theories on the end of the world  
Group5EPSY8402 Theory Project for EPSY8402-Fall 2007 (Group 5) ...collaborate on our final paper for our theory
Group65115 flow charts ...collaborate on
Group68001 webpage to support 8001 project ...collaborate on
GroupA1 MBA Cohort A group 1 Wiki Site ...collaborate on projects for the MBA program
GroupFourA The most bad-azz lab group eva ...collaborate on aero 4602W labs
GroupOneCollaboration? A place for Group One to discuss findings ...collaborate on briefing summary
GroupProject Strategy Group Project -  
GroupProjectMGMT3004 to do our paper. ...collaborate on a group project for mgmt3004
GroupWiki3 wiki for a writing class assignment  
Group_Virgo Discussion page for group Virgo concerning the Fall AST 2001 group project. ...collaborate on


Name Description Use To
HAPscholarhshipCommitee HAP Scholarship Committee ...collaborate on HAP Scholarship Application process
HASP High Altitude Student Payload - High Altitude X-Ray Testbed  
HAT_MN_Mayo For the exchange of ideas on the MN-Mayo Histone Acetyltransferase Project ...collaborate on the histone acetyltransferase Rtt109 Project
HCA Highway Cost Allocation and Determination of Heavy Freight - Truck Permit Fees ...collaborate on
HCWED the Wednesday team of Homecoming 2009 ...collaborate on planning Wednesday's program
HDN3   ...collaborate on
HEFMA2008 Higher Education Facilities Management Association 2008 Annual Conference ...collaborate on
HEGIS Human-Environment GIS ...collaborate on HEGIS topics
HHHCourseConnection Information about the courses Humphrey students take ...share information about HHH courses and curriculum issues
HHHITS The Humphrey Institute's Information Technology Services Wiki document technical guides and provide support for common problems
HHH_NSP_F09 National Security Policy Fall 2009 Meeting Space Collaboration of National Security - Crisis Management
HHHcompstaffwiki The Humphrey Institute's Computer Staff Helpdesk Wiki document technical guides and provide support for common problems
HLAdmin Helpline Administration ...collaborate on HLAdmin tasks
HLCSelfStudy Self-study collaboration collaborate on writing of the document
HMProjects Research Projects Website ...collaborate across the university on different projects
HORAWIKI Health Organization Research Association Wiku Collaborate on organizational research in health care and health services
HORT1001 Horticulture 1001 HORT 1001 Plant Propagation
HORT3005_TA Labs and TA documentation for HORT 3005 ...collaborate on labs and update variations, problems, solutions
HPVHomeScreeningStudy HPV Home Screening Study Web Documentaion ...collaborate on developing and implementing the HPV Home Screening study
HSCI1715Sp06 HSCI 1715 & 3715 History of Technology: Waterwheels to the Web, Spring 2006 ...collaborate on History of Technology: Waterwheels to the Web, Spring 2006
HSCI1814 History of Science: The Babylonians to Newton ...collaborate on class notes
HSSStudy An online study group ...collaborate on the health care system
HSWTPwiki This is the private HSWTP wiki intended for students in this project.  
HSci1814 Revolutions in Science: the Babylonians to Newton This is a forum to aid in preparation for the midterm and final exams.
HTrafficking Various types of Human Trafficking ...collaborate on
HandNNewsReleases Schedule for H&N REEs to sign up to write a news article/column for publication ...collaborate on topics and dates
Handproject? learn wiki  
Harapan harapan web obat herbal alami  
HardTimes HardTimes? Web ... HardTimes? class wiki
HarlanIverson Class notes record class notes
HassanWiki   ...collaborate on
Heading_Home This wiki is for the Heading Home Capstone Project ...collaborate on work related to this capstone
HealthCare Health Care Reform collaborate with team on health care reform project
HealthCoach1 This is a common site for Health Coaching faculty and students to save and share helpful books, resources, clinical tips, practitioner recommendations, etc. ...collaborate on supporting optimal Health Coaching services
HealthInformatics HealthInformatics? ...collaborate on HealthInformatics?
Health Studies EnHS? Health Studies ...collaborate on Health Studies Processes, Procedures and Documentation
HealthyLiving 4-H Healthy Living Committee work site. ...collaborate on programming for MN 4-H Healthy Living committee.
HebaAbdelKarim unknown ...collaborate on anything
HelensDistanceEdWiki Distance Education Wiki ...collaborate on issues related to distance education in K-12 and higher education
Help Web for U of M generated documentation. look up University of Minnesota specific wiki docs
HelpMelearn Testsite  
Helpingpeople testing functionality ...collaborate on
Hematopathology UMMC Division of Hematopathology  
HerbGarden Everything about planting and using an herb garden ...collaborate on web design class
HermesEmailer An IMAP email client that runs on your desktop or in your browser ...collaborate on requirements, development, testing, rollout and support
HiED A place to compile necessary information for Comps collaborate on information collection and community knowledge
HigherEd For Higher Ed Students ...collaborate on
Hiiraan Asalamu alaykum! ...for use to study how Islamic form!
Hinf8494sec001 Health Informatics 8494 ...class wiki
HinfHIE_Evaluation Health Informatics AHRQ Health Information Exchange Evaluation enhance collaboration, communication, and documentation among research team members
HispanicSelfemployed HispanicSelfemployed? ...collaborate on understanding best practices for successful self employment for Hispanic populations
Hist1302 Resources and Info for TAs ...collaborate on
Hist3152fall2009 A collaborative notes and "web finds" repository for Brtain from the 17th Century ...collaborate on anything relevant to the course themes, events, and historical people
HistDev History Professional Development Collaborative  
Historpedia Historpedia is composed of entries on history topics by students enrolled in David Arendale's history courses at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. ...collaborate on topics related to world history.
HistoryWEC Pedagogical and Writing Resources for Faculty and TAs  
HolidayParty2007 Wiki for the 2007 Holiday Party in Suite 350 McNamara?  
Home GDES 5342  
HomeNews information and tips home decoration  
Homelessness This wiki is a workspace for the Heading Home Capstone project ...collaborate on work surrounding this project.
Homelessness_project This wiki is for the Heading Home Capstone Project ...collaborate on all work involved in this capstone
Homeownership PA 8081: Capstone Workshop Group 5 ...collaborate on capstone workshop project for PA 8081
Homesecurityprotection? Home Security Protection of Your Personal Privacy  
Homework2001 Homework discussion for Ast2001 ...collaborate on homework
HoneywellAutopilot This is the wiki for the Honeywell Autopilot for AEM4331 and EE4951 Collaborate on desing work
HonorsFaculty Information about the University Honors Program for U of M faculty.  
HopkinsSchool Discussion of Hopkins School District Budget Issues ...collaborate on
Horizons brainstorming ideas for resource booklet to be distributed 4/24  
HostDefense Discussion site for online immunology students at UM Duluth  
HotelBandung HotelBandung?  
HousingIT Housing & Residential Life IT  
HowToDo how to save us?  
HumanHealth Health Science Technology Task Force ...exchange comments and conduct discussions on strategy
HumanNature This is a discussion forum for On Human Nature ...collaborate on classroom discussions
HumanNonhuman A space for announcements, events, ideas, strategies, links, and other items relevant to the Human/Nonhuman Research Group collaborate on events, projects, courses, thinking around questions of human/nonhuman relations
HumphreyInstitute Wiki for the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute ... collaborate on HHH projects
HumphreyUThink Workspace of collaborators working on the Humphrey-UThink blog project ...collaborate on
HunterGathererGamification Wiki for the development of an educational Hunter-Gatherer "game"  
Hypersonic08 Design wiki for the hypersonics senior design project Collaborate on the hypersonics senior design project
Hypersonic2008   Collaborate on the hypersonics
Hyphentestweb Used for permission testing  


Name Description Use To
I35WBridgeProject? Project information for the reconstruction of the I-35W bridge. ...collaborate on information between the University and MnDOT?
IAS_Body_Knowing Collaborative portal for work on the University Symposium for 2008-2010 ...collaborate on all projects related to the Body & Knowing Symposium
IAW2009 Islam Awareness Week 2009 at The University of Minnesota - Twin Cities ...collaborate on organizing and publicizing Islam Awareness Week
IAW2010 Islam Awareness Week 2010 ...collaborate on
IBB Informatics Bulletin Board Share comments and ideas on informatics tools, resources, infrastructures to support UofMN? researchers
IBP A guide to the department of physiology  
IBS8099F10 The Biological Practitioner Fall 2010  
IBS8102 Cell, molecular, and developmental biology discussion platform ...collaborate on analysis interpretation of current literature
IBS8102S12 Course website for IBS 8102 Spring 2012  
ICGCSeminar Preparation of ICGC seminars  
ICIRTC This is my web description ( change this )  
ICUCaptioners Captioning project updates and communication ...collaborate on captioning-related projects and initiatives.
ICUValues Creating draft value statements for the Interpreting/Captioning Unit of DS. ...collaborate on
ICUVocab Specialty Signs ...collaborate on
ID4CDes a wiki for developing ideas towards a College of Design identity ...collaborate on suggestions for the College's mission statement and visual representation
IDIMWiki Administrative Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the Infectious Diseases division of the school of medicine designed to identify, catalog, and articulate guidelines for processes within the unit.
IDMgmt IDMgmt SubGroup? ...collaborate on
IDP CLA Individualized Degree Programs ...collaborate on information about CLA Individualized Degree Programs
IDSC3001 IDSC 3001 Instructor Site ...collaborate on
IDSC3001Sandbox Sand box for students ...collaborate on
IDSC3001Student IDSC3001-student wiki site ...collaborate on
IDSC4490 Course website of The Business of Blogs, Communities, and Online Social Networks facilitate course materials dissemination, sharing, and interaction between the instructor and the students
IDSC6471_060_Fall2008 IDSC 6471-060, Fall 2008 Knowledge Management class website Post projects and other class-related materials.
IDSC6490 Course website of The Business of Blogs, Communities, and Online Social Networks for MBA students facilitate course materials dissemination, sharing, and interaction between the instructor and the students
IDSC8711 Cognitive Science Glossary Contribute and access key phrases, authors, examples and references.
IDSc3108_fall08 Class wiki for idsc3104, Fall 2008 ...collaborate on
IDSc6490F09 Business Process Excellence Fall'09 ...collaborate on
IDSc8511 IDSc 8511 collaborate and have a common platform for reviews for IDSc 8511 - PhD seminar.
IDSc8801 Organizational Theory ...collaborate on organizational theory seminar work.
IE5541_ProE_Seminar Team webpage for IE5541 - Project Management team project to create and give seminar on basic Pro/ENGINEER use ...collaborate on IE5541 - Project Management team project.
IE5541_UNITE IE5541 collaboration wiki for UNITE students post project notes, documents, etc.
IEEE IEEE Student Group Collaborate
IEEEwiki Wiki reserved for current IEEE officers  
IFRL Interactive Flight Research Lab ...collaborate on
IFellows iFellows Web document iFellows meetings, ideas, projects, and plans
IHRCVecoli Rudi Vecoli message board. ...collaborate on memorial for Rudi Vecoli
IIhmk11 webdesign ...collaborate on hmk11
ILTSimple   ...collaborate on
ILTsimple   ...collaborate on
IMSDataAdmin Reference for the ETL group in OIT/IMS document, how-to, tips and tricks, etc...
INET4082_Team3   ...collaborate on our team project in INET 4082
INET4083_Team2   ...collaborate on our team project in INET 4083
IOFT1311Sp2006 IOFT 1311, Engineering Basics Spring 2006 ...collaborate on IOFT 1311, Engineering Basics
IP Comments on intellectual property rights ...gather info on faculty IP experience
IRassist Collaborative project on IR assisted bond scission. allow all participants convenient access to the latest results.
ISEA09 Intl Society for Exposure Science 2009 Meeting, Nov 1-5 ...collaborate on
ISSSEventPlanning International Student & Scholar Services Event Planning ...collaborate on ISSS Event Planning
ISeek iSeek Meeting Minutes Facilitate understanding of current and future iSeek reporting.
ITAResources Language, Teaching, and Culture Resources ...collaborate on
ITA_2011 Sessions, times, dates, and presenters for TESOL 2011  
ITDD wiki for the Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development ...collaborate on ITDD projects
ITDD_Public Public information and forms related to the work of the ITDD ...collaborate on drug discovery and development
ITDir IT Directors Web share information between IT Directors
ITFWikiWeb This space will be used to collaborate, share resources, and develop and archive protocols and procedures ...for ITF fellows of the CLA OIT.
ITFweb This is the wiki for the UMN College of Liberal Arts Office of Information Technology Instructional Technology Fellows used to share resources, collaborate on projects, and develop and chronicle procedures and protocols.
ITLP ITLP Creating Leaderly Organizations ...collaborate on ITLP work.
ITLeadersPublic Public facing information from the IT Leaders Group at the U of MN ...collaborate on topics of importance for all of us in OIT.
ITLeadersUMN Wiki Web for IT Leaders program participants (MOR Associates) ...collaborate on leadership ideas for our IT managers and leaders.
ITLeaders_Public Public facing information from the IT Leaders Group at the U of MN ...collaborate on topics of importance for all of us in OIT.
ITTeachingWorkshop Summer workshop on IT core and electives at Carlson School, May 21-22, 2009 fill in the program and share course syllabii, related material
IT_75th_History History research project for Institute of Technology's 75th anniversary (2010) ...collaborate on documenting Institute of Technology
ITandFirms Interesting aspects of Information Technologies and Organizational Deployments ...collaborate on understanding more about this issue
ITunesU Internal communications tool for the OIT iTunes U pilot project ...collaborate on iTunes U pilot project.
IcingWindTunnel This Wiki is for the group in AEM 4331 that is designing a wind tunnel that will simulate icing conditions.  
IcuValues?   ...collaborate on
IcuVisionMission   ...collaborate on
IdeaGenerator A place for CBS faculty and staff to share ideas about ways for the college to cut costs and save money  
IdscDataDesign Advanced Database Design ...collaborate on
IdscDataDesignGroup01 IdscDataDesignGroup01? ...collaborate on
IdscDataDesignGroup02 IdscDataDesignGroup02? ...collaborate on
IdscDataDesignGroup03 IdscDataDesignGroup02? ...collaborate on
IdscDataDesignGroup04 IdscDataDesignGroup04? ...collaborate on
IdscDataDesignGroup05 IdscDataDesignGroup05? ...collaborate on
IgorSandbox just testing  
Iheartmice Everything you would like to know about MICE. ...collaborate on
Images Image database ...collaborate on image collection
ImagingSkins Data repository and experiment history for the ImagingSkins? Project.  
Immersive3D Wiki space to discuss Virtual Worlds and Immersive 3D environments collaborate on exploration in strange new worlds
ImmigrationDems Immigration Policy Simulation Website for Democratic Senators ...collaborate on
ImmigrationSchumerCornyn Wiki designed to facilitate communication between Schumer and Cornyn during CIR debate ...collaborate on
Immunopathology2009project1 Allergic asthma paper ...collaborate on
Immunopathology2009project2 All material pertinent to the NIH grant proposal ...collaborate on
Immunopathology2010project1 Teaching tool ...collaborate on PBL projects
InPersonVsOnlineLearning Which is better? Learning with online classes, in person traditional classes, or a combination of the two  
InVitroMeat Class project everyone type you current progress into this as we go
InfoTechMgrMinutes ADCS Infotech notes from Managers ...collaborate on projects assigned to staff
Informatics4 Group assignments ...collaborate on group assignments
Informatics7 A Wiki for group #7 to collaborate on assignments together.
InformationGeographies Information Geographies/Technology Worlds (GEOG8980 Fall2009) ...collaborate on putting readings together and creating a seminar repository
Injewic Storage space for school work ...collaborate on school work
InnoTech MOT 4001 group pitching a new technology/innovation/service ...collaborate on our group project
Innovation A place to identify needs and apply knowledge across disciplines to develop innovative solutions ...collaborate without limits and across boundaries.
Innovation.Change Course integrated wiki for Management 4050 - Steve Spruth ...collaborate on concepts, definitions and class material discussed and practiced upon from the course cirriculum
InnovationChange A course integrated wiki used for innovative topics and the changing enviornment ...collaborate on course material that will be discussed during the semester. This wiki will also be used to for discussions, to post infomation and to build a functional wiki directory to assist students with coursework.
InnovativeTeaching Course: Innovative Teaching with Technology ... demonstrate integrating technology for teaching and learning.
Innovative_Engineers_Aero_Team Documentation of the Projects being worked on by the Aero Team  
InstitutionalResearch U of M Office of Institutional Research ...collaborate on institutional research for the University of Minnesota
InstructionUnderground A sandbox of sorts to test out and discuss innovation in instruction ...collaborate on
IntensiveTheme? Collection of techniques used in solving media problems ...collaborate on processes for solving basic problems in media production
Interactive New Media Making Art Interactive ...collaborate on documention of new work and sharing resources
InterfaceDesign Web Wiki for DHA 5342 - Interface Design ...collaborate on a class resource for Web definitions
InterviewQuestions Event Coordinator Interview Questions 08/08 ...collaborate on creating interview questions
Invest2006 Has information about my research interests ...collaborate on
Investing Stock market investing group wiki  
IphdiWiki IDS PhD Information ...collaborate on PhD related materials for IDS students and faculty
Is3245H Class Wiki for IS 3245H: Archaeology Mythbusting  
IsabellaSmith IsabellaSmith?  
ItascaAdmin Administration of Itasca Biological Station collaborate on all aspectes related to running Itasca Biological Station
iTunes U Submissions iTunes U Public Site Content Submissions Submit Content for the University of Minnesota iTunes U Public Site
Ivers_Group_Four This is a wiki for group 4 for BIE 5016 ...collaborate on group projects


Name Description Use To
JAWSSEN   ...collaborate on
JCB_test testing  
JCRC Journal Club / Research Club ...collaborate on sharing scientific information and theories in the field of age-related neurodegenerative disease.
JJTCapstone 394 and Hopkins Crossroad Civil Engineering Capstone Design Project ...collaborate on
JKgeog Jenni waypoint toward PhD completion ...collaborate on editing papers and generating creative ideas
JLNieber Welcome to John Nieber's web ...collaborate on
JOUR2001 Reporting and Writing 1  
JPN3021 Intermediate Japanese ...collaborate on
JPTest Test ...collaborate on
JUB compendium of loose ends of thesis, grant, career... ...collaborate on student project selection
JULESmodel Documentation for running JULES land model  
Jackie_appt In this site, please sign up to meet with me during my office hours. for office hours
Jacky Jacky Liu's note  
JanelleSurveyPage Survey page for Wiki Project receive information from people about what kind of functions they would want on their iPhone
Janewang06 JW tryes to know more about Wiki ...collaborate on
Janine PA8001 ...collaborate on our project
JannTesting testing using a non sponsored guest account  
Jatropha Project analysis tools ...collaborate on Jatropha plantation analysis
Jaws JaWS Internal Wiki ...collaborate on information about creating and maintaining JaWS projects and machines
Main   ...collaborate on
Jaws.SystemConsolidation   ...collaborate on
Jaws.UsabilityDepot Some information, examples, links about usability ...collaborate on
JensWikiExercise   ...collaborate on
Jensbox JennyB? practice wiki ...collaborate on learning wikis
Jim09 Documents for Spring 2009 ...collaborate on
Jin   ...collaborate on
Jira About the JIRA issue management tool ... because you've got issues.
Jlangdon ASL Web ...collaborate on
JoannaOC digital resources for teaching create modules for lcas
Joebagodonuts my web  
Joh02327 Math Senior Project  
JohnandLindasWiki JohnandLindasWiki? ...collaborate on JohnandLindasWiki?
JonathanGlatfelter My projects  
JoshWelshWiki Rough Documentation of Open Source Tools document the Linux tools that one can use in grad school. mostly for myself, for others if it's helpful
Jour2001Fall2007 Editing exercises ...collaborate on editing stories.
Jsonnack John Sonnack Personal Wiki Development site
Justtesting just a test ...collaborate on
Justthenuts? justthenuts ...collaborate on


Name Description Use To
KB OIT Knowledge Base Implementation Web ...collaborate on KB Implementation
KIM Knowledgebase of Interatomic Models ...collaborate on the establishment of the KIM infrastructure
KIN3135S2010 KIN 3135 Class wiki ...collaborate on class assignments
  Important KIN information (Tech and more) ...collaborate on information sharing
KINewsiologie School of Kinesiology News Site ...collaborate on School news for distribution and archiving.
KLOPractice A wiki to practice with ...collaborate on learning about wikis
KMC   ...collaborate on Knowledge Management Center business.
KamranTurkoglu Kamranturkoglu's personal web page. ...collaborate on research
Kandavac vacation plans ...collaborate on our vacation plnas
Karin cats, interests, and who knows ...collaborate on stuff
KataMutiara Tempatnya menemukan kata mutiara  
KatiesSurveyPage Contains survey information ...collaborate on data collected by the survey
KazLab Romas Kazlauskas's Research Group (BMBB/BTI) ...collaborate on biocatalysis research
Kazlauskas? This wiki is intended only for group members in the Romas Kazlauskas lab. edit or add documents relating to lab protocols and publications
KbRfp Place to work on Knowledge Base RFP ...collaborate on Knowledge Base RFP
KeliWiki Testing wiki ...collaborate on
Kendric Kendric's wiki  
Kesehatan tentang kesehatan, makanan sehat, informasi nutrisi dan cara mngatai masalah kesehatan  
Khader personal website personal webpage, prefered links
Khalifeh Voices from the Gaps: Sahar Khalifeh and Wild Thorns. Group Project. ...collaborate on creating an author biography and examine Khalifeh's work and impact.
KiaResearch Kia Bazargan's Research Group  
KidneyStemCellGroup Kidney stem cell collaboration  
KimWebDev? Wiki for Kim Doberstein's web development/design stuff  
KimWtestwiki testbed  
Kinetics By studying the pharmacokinetics of ethanol, we will be able to understand the effects it has on the human body, as well as how both anatomy, biology, and chemistry all relate.  
KirkpatrickLab Lab info repository ...collaborate on
Kman Knowledge Management Group Collaborate on Group Project
KnowledgeManagementCenter The Knowledge Management Center needs a way to collaborate amongst our staff. ...collaborate on the working of the Knowledge Management Center
Koester_SNM_Proposal Wiki for NSF scalable nanomanufacturing proposal  
Kofuji_wiki Kofuji Lab Wiki ...collaborate on
Komaa Nai ...collaborate on
KristinLamberty Personal Web for KK Lamberty  
KroftLab Kroft Lab information and protocols ...collaborate on
Kumar Research Group Information for the Kumar Research Group find and documents common procedures.


Name Description Use To
LA8201   ...collaborate on
LBSchmal Documents move documents between computers
LCAdminTeam CLA Language Center Admin Team ...collaborate on ideas to make LC better
LCCMRSludge   ...collaborate on
LCDevStudio LC Development Studio  
LCHR Human Resources-related materials for the CLA Language Center To provide HR Coordinator and direct supervisors a place to post HR-related policies
LCMultimediaLab Wiki for the Language Center Multimedia Development Lab  
LCTech LC Technical Staff  
LCUndergradStaff Language Center Undergraduate Staff resource ...collaborate on undergraduate staff policy, procedure, and guides.
LCadmin CLA Language Center Admin Team ...collaborate on ideas to make LC better.
LCadminteam CLA Language Center Admin Team ...collaborate on ideas to make LC better.
LCoffice Agendas and information from LC office trainings and meetings. ...collaborate on sharing information from trainings and meetings with staff.
LDAPAuth LDAP Authentication Service  
Main Landscape Ecology 5808 UM ...collaborate on
LEDlight LED lights and information LED lights and information for cars and trucks
LGTT5101 This wiki is for students in LgTT5101? to practice using a wiki for language learning purposes. ...collaborate on sample class projects
LGTT5738sec001 Wiki for the Web-based Second Language Instruction: Issues, Models, and Designs course  
LLM Writ 5111 Layers of Learning Module Client Project ...collaborate on project management and deliverables for the Layers of Learning Module client project
LLMProject Project management wiki for the Layers of Learning Module Writ 5111 client project ...collaborate on the LLM project
LM150UAV Design group for a 150lb UAV project sponsored by Lockheed-Martin ...collaborate on the AEM 4331 Design project for a UAV
LM3000 Leadership Minor 3000 Level Materials ...collaborate on 3000 Level Materials
LMOL Recommended resources and readings ...collaborate on recommended readings in online and hybrid education
LM_Imperios   ...collaborate on
LM_Paparazzi_Team_A Lockeed Martin sponsored project: Integration of the Paparazzi autopilot into RC aircraft. ...collaborate on
LNPI Labratory for Neuropsychiatric Imaging Collaborate on investigations into psychiatric disorders through the use of imaging
LNPI_Schiz   ...collaborate on the documentation of important criteria for schiz protocols.
LOTR The one ring to bind EAS-SS ...collaborate on
LS5100 LS5100: Chaos and Complexity ...collaborate on
LS5100wiki In Support of "Writing on and For the Web" - Liberal Studies 5100 ...collaborate on
LSCS Law Student Computing Services Wiki ...collaborate on common fixes for recurring problems
LTCWiki OnlineResources?  
LTCWiki.Italian ItalianResources?  
LTseminar2009 Wiki for LT Seminar Course Spring 2009 ...collaborate on LT things
LUF2008 MArch + MLA Studio Fall 2008 ...collaborate on Landscape urbanism on three sites in St. Paul
LaPD Collaborative Site for Lead and Probe Discovery Group Members ...collaborate on hit-to-lead chemistry and purification
LabRenovations Proposals for Lab Renovations ...collaborate on top Lab Renovation proposals and make final selections
LaborEd Resources for the Labor Education Service ...collaborate on department communications and projects
Lagos All about Lagos ...collaborate on
LakeSuperiorStreams Lake Superior and Duluth Streams Project ...to enhance public understanding of aquatic ecosystems, the influence of land uses in the watershed and these systems
LandscapeManagementPlan A landscape management plan for part of the St. Paul campus. ...collaborate on a project for HORT 5018
LangaugeArts SLP Langauge Arts Classes Compete with schedules and files
Lanier_Lab Members of the Lanier Lab can update this wiki with information that is relevant to our research Members of the Lanier Lab can update this wiki with information that is relevant to our research
Laper tempat Makan  
LargeWindmill A detailed design of an optimal wind mill blade, optimized to the wind conditions at a specific site using annual wind data.The design also includes stress analysis and tower/base design. ...collaborate on
LatinAmerica 20 Latin American Countries in One Semester ...help each other have a better understanding of the complexities of Latin America
LatinosTwinCities The site explores the foundational role Latinos have played in the formation of global cities. This site documents the history of the Latino community and its contributions to the Twin Cities.  
LaurenNic All about me and my life ...collaborate on
LaurieKathyChar InformaticsGroupWork? ...collaborate on informatics group work
LawLibraryWiki Policies and procedures of the University of Minnesota Law Library ...collaborate on
LeadandProbeDiscovery Lead and probe discovery information ...collaborate on methods in hit-to-lead chemistry
LeadershipMinor Leadership Minor Wiki Space ...collaborate on developing leadership skills
Lean Central repository for Lean Kaizen Users ...collaborate on various knowledge sources (training, articles, projects, etc)
Leapfrog Building a "Leapfrog" University ...collaborate on an open source-modeled re-visioning process to produce actionable recommendations to propel the University to the position of the world's top knowledge-producing institution
LearningAndBehavior2008 Spring 2008 learning and behavior course at UMD ...collaborate on
LearningAndBehavior3611 Learning & Behavior Encyclopedia Creating an encyclopedia of concepts in Learning & Behavior
LearningTechno Learning Technologies Research Engage and motivate learning technologies in education
LearningWiki just to get this right ...collaborate on
Lels LELS Unit 1 Union Forum @ UMPD ...collaborate on Union topics and Current Issues
Leman suggestions and agenda for 2009 Leman Conference ...collaborate on organizing the meeting
Leo Group Wiki for AST 2001 F08, Gropu Leo Astrobiology
Lerhatend Peptides are small kind of polymers of amino acid monomers which are specifically linked by peptide bonds.  
Lewis English Ed. 5481 upload photographic philosophy
Lexlore   ...collaborate on
Lexlorena   ...collaborate on
Lexsoler   ...collaborate on
LgTT5738sec001 LgTT? 5738 - Section 001 Course Wiki  
LgTT5738sp2006 LgTT5738? ...collaborate on LgTT5738?
Liability Brief analysis of product negligence and strict liability ...find information regarding product liability
LibFacultyToolkit   Integrating the Library into your teaching, research and writing.
LiberalArtsMajorsUnite An online forum for Liberal Arts students and graduates to discuss career aspirations, personal goals and to network. ...collaborate on Liberal Arts opportunities post-graduation.
LibraSSF   ...collaborate on group project - Solar System Formation
LibrariesASC Test of creating wiki for Archives and Special Collections Dept  
LibrariesTest test area for u libraries test area for u libraries
LibrarySandbox Test Wiki for U Libraries ...to play with and explore wiki, potential migration from PmWiki?
LibraryStaff Policies & procedures for internal use by UMD Library staff ...collaborate on
LibraryTestWiki testing TWiki for use in Libraries testing TWiki for use in Libraries
LicensedSoftwareProject The Licensed Software Distribution Project will grant access to the software download server. ...collaborate on Licensed Software Distribution Project
LightSensitive Collaborative Interactive Art Installation project ...collaborate on the Light Sensitive Interactive Art Installation project
LimeSurveyDev Wiki for LimeSurvey? Development Team ...collaborate on LimeSurvey?
LindasWiki LindasWiki? ...collaborate on LindasWiki?
Lipids   make a quick reference for our group
LiquidRocketEngine10 Team Wombat's liquid-propellant rocket engine design and documentation (AEM 4331, 2010).  
LisProj   Cell Bio Final Project - Lissencephaly
Lishanliang me  
Listening Listening Resources  
LiteracyAndLanguage2006 A collaboration space for students in Pam Solvie's Literacy and Language course ...collaborate on assignments, projects, etc.
LittleIceAge   ...collaborate on
LiveChat A Web based administration tool to organize online chats with Jabber ...collaborate on design, implementation and testing.
LiveLaughLove Personal Thoughs ...collaborate on
Lloydletta? Eva Young's wiki Point to Eva Young's other wiki projects
LockheedMicroUAV Designing a micro UAV for AEM 4331 design project ...collaborate on AEM 4331 design project
Lunar AEM 4332 Lunar 1 ComSat? Team ...collaborate on
Lunar1 AEM 4332 Lunar 1 ...collaborate on lunar comunication satellite constellations
LunarLander U of M Alumni kick ass ...collaborate on space vehicle design
LunarLander2011_Group2 Lunar Lander Senior Design Project 2011 Group 2  
LunchAndLearn LunchAndLearn? ...collaborate on LunchAndLearn?
LysosomalDiseaseNetwork Genetic diseases ...collaborate on research projects


Name Description Use To
MAPLsource Glossary of Public Affairs Terminology ...collaborate on developing a glossary of public affairs terms for the advocacy community.
MARL MARL Collaboration allow MARL participant a collaboration site
MATS4301 PROCESSING ...collaborate on
MAXSA_PPT_Master MAXSA PPT Master for Summer Institute 2007 ...collaborate on MAXSA PPT
MBA2008 Carlson MBA Class of 2008 For students in the Class of 2008
MBA6035group2 MBA 6035 - Fall 2009 - Group 2 ...share notes and collaborate on class projects
MBA6210_Team1_Project Marketing Management (MBA 6210) Team Project Forum - Team #1 Fall07 ...collaborate on "targeting the Generation X market segment".
MBA6300project We have a project. We have jobs. We need a place to collaborate. ...collaborate on MBA 6300 group project
MBAStudentAffairs Carlson MBA Program Student Affairs Wiki build an FAQ database for staff to use when addressing prospective and current students.
MBA_6210_3 Team 3 Marketing group ...collaborate on
MBAgroupproject Private Group Project Collaboration - Wine ...collaborate on
MCAE_Staff Site for MCAE staff to share information ...collaborate on daily work.
MCAT_Coursework Classes to take at the U to prep for MCAT  
MCRhidrologos23 personal information yournal
MCTFR.PsyphysAnalysis   ...collaborate on
MCTFRSYS MCTFR SYS DEV Tracking porcedure for MCFR
MCTFR_Admin   ...collaborate on
MCTFR_PsyphysAnalysis   ...collaborate on
MCTFR_PsyphysCollection   ...collaborate on
MCodes Repository for multiscale mechanical modeling codes. store different pieces of software for mechanical modeling.
MDCTech Design Center Tech Support Web store technical documents and track open issues for MDC.
MDCfellows Medical Device Centers Fellowship program for the 2008-2009 year. ...collaborate on projects and information gathered during the research of medical device opportunities.
ME4054_Seed_Oil ME4054W? - Design Projects: Jatropha seed oil extraction project ...collaborate on senior design project for ME4054W? - Design Projects
MEPC_ER prevention in older adults: common syndromes in older adults related to primary and secondary prevention ...collaborate on evidence report
MEdPR PR Announcement about M.Ed. ...collaborate on developing a PR statement about UMD Ed.Dept. M.Ed
MFM_Daijun Daijun's Uwiki  
MFW This space is for any person in To collaborate and communicate
MGD Municipal Growth and Development Toolkit. ...collaborate on CGO research
MGIS Masters of GIS ...collaborate on program matters.
MGMT3001 Site for a group project in MGMT 3001 collaborate on a group project
MGMT6030090 Spring 2010 ...collaborate on course materials
MGMTHormel Management 3004 Audit for Hormel Foods - Fall 2011  
MGProgram Master Gardener State Program Team Wiki ...collaborate on Master Gardener Program documents
MGlab Wiki for Georgieff lab  
MILISA Student Web for MILI student association ...collaborate on establishing a sustainable network of student interested in medical industry careers
MISITDirectors   ...collaborate on
MKO2008 MKO Planning for 2008 ...collaborate on programming for MKO 2008
MKTG6032SPR08 Marketing 6032 Spring 2008 ...collaborate on
MKTG6051_Group1 Group for course project of MKTG6051 ...collaborate on
MKTG6073_EdCampus EdCampus? group for Technology Management class ...collaborate on couse work for Technology Management class
MKTG6075 Space Flight Group Wiki Colloboration for Space Flight Project
MLRMaroonBook Minnesota Law Review Citation Guide and Institutional Memory ...guide the editing and publication process
MLearning mLearning OIT group wiki  
MMA Website for the Multi-Mission Aircraft Senior Design Team of the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department  
MMAircraft Multi-Mission Aircraft  
MMCGMENewsletter December 2009 ...collaborate on
MMEP The Minnesotano Media Empowerment Project’s mission is to facilitate Latinos' critical consumption and production of media and to make Latinos powerful stakeholders in the media. ...collaborate on issues related to Latinos and the media.
MMHELI Website for the Multi-Mission Aircraft Senior Design Team of the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department  
MMMHeltzerChairSearch 3M Heltzer Chair Search Committee wiki ...collaborate on the search for a new 3M Heltzer Chair.
MMRGardens   ...collaborate on
MN2008Students Wiki area for MN students graduating in 2008 ...collaborate on stuff
MN4HEBrdge 4-H website that will provide access to various resources about immigrant communities in the Twin Cities area and opportunities for gaining multicultural awareness and understanding among 4-H youth and adults ...collaborate on
MN4HStaff Internal location for MN 4-H staff resources ...collaborate on MN 4-H work
MNCongenitalHeartNet Minnesota Congenital Heart Network project To collaborate between UofM and Mayo teams
MNCricket MNCricket Wiki ...collaborate on planning MNCricket's team activities
MNFutures Efficacy of education for invasive species management. ...collaborate on
MNMPA Minnesota Med-Peds Association Website ...collaborate on mission based activities of the Association; primarily resident education and care of adults with childhood-onset diseases
MNMRCenter Minnesota NMR Center Wiki  
MNNRA2008   ...collaborate on the review of comprehensive plans of cities and townships within the MNRRA boundary
MNPorkCong Sign up for UM booth at Pork Congress ...collaborate on
MNRRA2008   ...collaborate on the review of comprehensive plans for cities and townships within the MNRRA
MNStudents2007 Master of Nursing 2007 ...collaborate on classes, clinicals, research, and ideas
MOEMS Optical Micro Nano System ...collaborate on
MOT11StudyGroup06 MOT Class of 2011 Study Group 06 Collaborative Site Collaborate on MOT class projects
MOT4001Group2 A wiki for members of Group 2 in MOT 4001 to share resources for a Class Project ...collaborate on MOT 4001 Group Project
MOTRochester Planning and operations web space for 2007 Signature Series Information This space will be a central location for all information for use by staff at the CDTL and UMR to plan the 2007 Signature Series
MP Software development  
MPAGroup MPA Association ...collaborate on creating a MPA Professional Association
MPC Minnesota Population Center Document projects
MPCUGLES? Tutorial for new users of MPCUGLES  
MPGI_Topics_Fall09 Wiki for discussions as part of the MPGI Special Topics PBio5960 Course ...collaborate on questions, discussion topics and planning
MPPDA This web will facilitate communication and collaboration between MPPDA Executive Committee members ...collaborate on work to serve the greater Med-Peds Program Director Community
MS2 HD3  
MS2009 test site ...collaborate on ms
MSI Presurgical seizure and functional mapping tool  
MSSE2012Rochester MSSE 2012 Rochester website  
MSSE5801 MSSE 5801 ...collaborate on
MSSEKnowledgeWiki This wiki is for MSSE students and faculties to collaborate and share information, experiences and lessons. ...collaborate on topics realted to software engineering
MSTPGov MSTP Student Government  
MUSIC1013   ...collaborate on group project for MUS1013
MUUI Enterprise Applications Development Web Development Department ...information about accessibility, usability, web design, CSS, Javascript, AJAX and other related topics.
MXP Public course wiki for Physics 4052, Methods of Experimental Physics, also known as MXP  
MXP.Trash trash delete  
MaM Web for Summer 2008 PA 8002 group Mano a Mano ...collaborate on Mano a Mano/UN project
MacCheese Learning how to make a good mac & cheese from scratch  
MagicBottle A UMWiki for writing some notes ...collaborate on
MagrathInstruction Magrath Library Workshops and Instruction Sessions ...collaborate on the schedule for each semester
UMWiki Welcome to UMWiki... Users, Groups, Offices - tour this expandable virtual workspace. UMWiki is the University of Minnesota's Collaborative Wiki.
MajorMinorDeclaration? Wiki for the CLA Major/Minor Declaration application. ...collaborate on usage of the Major/Minor Declaration application.
Makan study drive  
MaliKouanchao Malichansouk Kouanchao collaborate on various Carlson School of Management and other university related projects
Man2Man_Training This is a virtual space where individuals invloved in the operation side of Man2Man? can collaborate. ...collaborate on Leader training and development
ManureFoam?   ...collaborate on
MarioBorosWeb Kenangan dalam internet berada dalam senggan  
MarketingEthics Marketing Ethics wiki ...collaborate on issues surrounding markeing ethics
MarsPositioning Mars Positioning and Communication System - AEM senior design 2 ...collaborate on the Mars Positioning and Communication System project for AEM4332
Mars_IAD AEM 4331 Pioneer Senior Project 2010  
MaryCarlson Mary Carlson  
Masopust lab protocols and scientific method ...collaborate on lab experiments
MatS4400 Seagate ...collaborate on
Math1161 Wiki for statistics topics ...collaborate on
Math1271 Math 1271 course wiki learn calculus together!
Math5248 Math 5248 ...collaborate on
MathIntranet Intranet for the entire School of Mathematics. Make forms and reports available for use.
MathSysGuide Computer Systems Guide for the School of Mathematics network and services provide an easily updated, centralized medium with which to inform School of Mathematics users about computer systems and services
MathSysStaff   ...collaborate on
Mathrec This is for students who have an interest in recreational mathematics ...collaborate on
Matlab Matlab Tutorial for Psychology Students Learn Matlab, its Tools and Techniques used by Psychologists
MattSheehan My stuff ...collaborate on my stuff.
Matthew Walters    
MattsSurveyPage Some survey questions ...collaborate on
MaxTest This is Max's test wiki ...collaborate on foo and bar
Mbaeducation1 Mbaeducation1  
MeaningandIdentity This is a discussion forum for Meaning and Identity ...collaborate on understanding course concepts
MedAmLit wiki for 2010 lit class  
MedDuluth Orientation wiki for Dulkuth medical students ...collaborate on issues regarding medical school orientation and learning issues
MedDuluthBoards2011 Boards Study Group for Duluth 2011  
MedDuluthDirectory Medical School Duluth general directory ...contact information for Medical School Duluth
MedDuluthFacDevelopment Educational and research development and collaboration ...collaborate on all areas of faculty development for medical education
MedDuluthSimLab Projects related to SimLab? at Medical School Duluth maintain colloboration and information...
MedDuluthStudentCouncil Wiki for class officers ...collaborate on class governance issues
MedEdInfo Medical Education Informatics ...collaborate on Medical Education Informatics
MedPeds The Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency Program  
MededAdvTech Advanced Technology Division of Medical Education ...collaborate on information in our department
MediaAccessibility Media Accessibility Wiki ...collaborate on media accessibility recommendations
MedicalDevicesCenter An informational wiki for the Medical Devices Center  
MedicalStudentWebsite   ...collaborate on
Meetin Standing meetings at the University of Minnesota facilitate cross-University communications
Meetings Individual Meetings with Liz or Pam ...collaborate on senior projects.
Meetings8821 One-on-one scheduling for 8821 ...collaborate on publishable papers
MeetnEat Holiday Potluck - Meet and Eat  
MegganB   ...collaborate on immunology
Mendeley Brief introduction to using the Mendeley Reference Manager  
Mescherlab Dr. Matthew Mescher's lab website provide lab personnel easy access to lab procedures and protocols
MesinCuci Tips Bersihkan Mesin Cuci Sisi Luar  
Metastasis diseases information  
MethodologySeminar8902 Discussion board for 8902 ...collaborate on
Metpath Group of researchers working on computation of metabolic pathways ...collaborate on
Mettle JOUR 5174 ...collaborate on the creation of Mettle Magazine.
Mgmt4050   ...collaborate on
MgmtSpr09 2009-6035 ...collaborate on
MgrDecision Managerial Decision Making ...collaborate on course content
Mgr_Acct_Tue_Grp2 Mgr_Acct_Tue_Group2_Hanson ...collaborate on Managerial Accounting Group Project and Articles
MichaelVueSurveyPage Survey page for Wiki Project survey results
MichaelVueSurveyPage2 A second survey Collect info for second testing
MichaelVueSurveyPage3 a survey page record survey 3 data
MichaelWybierala Hodgepodge ...collaborate on projects and answer questions
MicroLunarLander11 AEM 4331 Senior Design Wiki for the Superior Micro Lunar Lander Group  
MicrobiologyStudyGuide Microbiology Study Guide ...collaborate on
Microgravity University of Minnesota Reduced-Gravity Experiment Design Project ...collaborate on the design of a fluids experiment to be flown on a reduced-gravity simulator aircraft.
Microgravity_2007 NASA's microgravity university research team from the U of M for 2007 ...collaborate on
MidEastWomen My Master's Thesis containig my research A sources of knowledge of women's computing in the Mid-East
MikeTuller Mike Tuller's Wiki ...collaborate on
MikesSandbox sample web ...collaborate on
MinPhys09 Web dedicated to the development of a mineral physics report for NSF ...collaborate on writing a mineral physics report
Min_Med Testing the wiki for possible future use ...collaborate on things, stuff, and etc.
Mindfulness Repository of information for Mindfulness Club Board Meetings collaborate on club administration
MineTestin Test deletion of webs  
MinnRockII The MinnRockII? project ...collaborate on
MinnSSTA Documentation of MinnSSTA?  
MinnSpec MinnSpec? Project 2009 Team homepage with information about the project
Minnehistoryapolis This is all about the history of the City of Minneapolis ...collaborate on
MinnesotaFutures Efficacy of education for invasive species management. ...collaborate on MN Futures project.
MinnesotaRiverProject Assessing the feasibility of restoration and management actions on the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities, Minnesota ...collaborate on the Minnesota River Project
Minnewiki A collaboration site for Family Violence Prevention instructors. ...collaborate on resource development for the Family Violence Prevention Minor
Mirror Used to document software mirrors on campus find or update info on various software mirrors on campus.
MissionWorkgroup Dean's Advisory Council on Priorities Mission Workgroup  
MississippiRiverProject Assessing the feasibility of restoration and management actions on the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities, Minnesota  
MktBrownBag To discuss and share ideas among PhD students in Marketing at UMN ...collaborate on marketing topics
MnFutureDocs Information about Minnesota's Future Doctors 2007 ...collaborate on
MnsgcBallooning University of Minnesota MNSGC Ballooning Program ...collaborate on current ballooning projects
MobileDevicesInitiative OIT, in partnership with colleges and coordinate campuses, lead in providing a road-map for the university community that will help the community to address the technical infrastructure, support issues, and services needed for this mobile environment. ...collaborate on the Mobile Devices Initiative
MockCi8395   ...collaborate on
Mohaisen Abedelaziz Mohaisen's Wiki ...collaborate on
Moira Happy tiger forever ...collaborate on
MollsPanthers Mrs. Moll's Language Arts Classes ...collaborate on
Moneman information on making decisions about money ...collaborate on
MonoStudies Mono Studies ...collaborate on Mono studies Mono 5, Mono 6, TX Grant, Mono 7
MontgomeryLab Website for my lab group ...collaborate on research and professional development of members in the lab.
Wiki Help U of M Generated Wiki Help Docs Moodle web for Support Group
Moorheadrc Moorhead RC Wikki for Nutrition and other capacity areas ...collaborate on forms and templates for staff
Mori none  
Morris Morris Regional ...collaborate on newsletters, ppts etc.
MorrisRegionFoodWiki to discuss nutrition education in the Morris Region and beyond ...collaborate on
MorrisWest Staff pages of the Morris West Extension Regional Center 4-H team ...collaborate on
Mortgageguru Are you planning to start a rewarding career? Do you want to help others while you make an unbelievable income? Choosing to take up online mortgage training may put you to the way of building a new and bright career.  
MOT 2011 :: Group 1 MOT Class of 2011 Study Group 1 Collaborate on group work and the persuit of knowledge
Mot2008_Group2   Share study material
MotivasiGalau Penuh dengan kata kata motivasi romantis yang didalamnya terkadang mengandung kata galau yang sensasinya bisa dirasakan jauh sebelum kita sampai disini  
MoveYourWiki Sample wikisite to document how to move a wiki to google sites  
MsiBSCL MSI Basic Sciences Computing Lab  
MsiInternal Bagel planning and much more ...collaborate on
MsiSC08 MSI Supercomputing 08 ...collaborate on
MsiSoftwareDevelopment Software Development at MSI ...collaborate on software development at MSI
MsiUserSupport Msi User Support ...collaborate on Msi User Support
Mstum familygerontology ...collaborate on coursework
MtHapMap HapMap? Project Wiki Validate data and analyses; Test alignement, SNPs and indels; Coordinate DNA samples; Schedule meetings; ...
MtHapMapProject   ...collaborate on
MuEd3505 Videos for playing/teaching exams will be placed on this website  
MultiRotor AEM 4331 Senior Design Project, Multi-Rotor UAV Team Site  
MuscoDystro Muscular Dystrophy Project ...collaborate on
MuscularDystrophy Muscular Dystrophy Project ...collaborate on
MusicAndSoundStudies The Music and Sound Studies Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Group  
Muvecampaign   ...collaborate on a Power Point with group members
Mwright Matt Wright ...collaborate on
MxpWork Methods of Experimental Physics Work Related Projects  
MyFirstWiki This is an example web ...collaborate on Wiki development class
MyPedagogy Pedagogy, Use of PowerPoint, Adult Learning, Distance Ed ...organize these topics!
Main   ...collaborate on
MyUPortalInformation Information regarding the myU portal ...collect and communicate information about using and configuring the myU portal
MyWiki my friendly wiki ...collaborate on
Myeloma University of Minnesota Myeloma Research Consoritum  


Name Description Use To
N5115group2 medication reconciliation ...collaborate on Aparil 17 assignment
N7900G4 Module 5  
NAFSA Administrative Staff Exchange Program ...collaborate on a research project for NAFSA
NAFSAConf Space to prepare notes for the NAFSA 2007 conference in Minneapolis ...collaborate on
NCEC08 Engaging the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus in the National Campus Energy Challenge educate the University Community on the impact that energy conservation has on the environment
NCFPD encyclopedia of EMA instances and FIDES work  
NCLOMS Senior Design Project page for project "Neonatal Closed Loop Oxygen Management System"  
NCODguests UMD GLBT Commission will track guests for our NCOD luncheon.
National Children's Study National Children's Study ...collaborate on the National Children's Study
NFC Nanofabrication Center (NFC) Wiki  
NIA Test Wiki ...collaborate on stuff
NLMTrainingGrant NLM Training Grant ...collaborate on NLM Training Grant
NLPUIMAPlat   ...collaborate on
NMGdemo A temporary place for testing customization ...collaborate on headers, backgrounds and wordmarks
NNIP National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership May 2009 Foreclosure Symposium Planning ...collaborate on planning a foreclosure conference to be held at the University of Minnesota in May 2009
NSFDoping Ion Implant doped SiC graphene  
NTS NTS Intranet Web ...collaborate on NTS Stuff
NTS.DisasterRecovery Disaster Recovery Info ...collaborate on
NTS.Mgmt NTS Managers Web ...collaborate on NTS Manager Type Stuff
NTS.Project Describe what this web does. ...to do something.
NTS.TAC NTS Technical Assistance Center ...collaborate on TAC documentation
NTS.WebAndApplicationDevelopment   ...collaborate on Web Application Development for NTS
NTSFAQ NTS Frequently Asked Questions Web ...display internally created FAQ's
NURSTest   ...collaborate on
NWConnerLab E-lab notebook ...collaborate on
NaDa to practice ...collaborate on
Namibia Social Work Study Tour to Namibia ...collaborate on
NanoImaging_IGERT Wiki site for planning an IGERT proposal on nanoimaging. ...collaborate on producing an IGERT proposal on nanoimaging.
Nanosat5 Nanosat-5's test wiki store documentation.
NantellWiki Classroom Wiki Experimentation ...collaborate on
NarainGroup Rahul Narain's research group for physics-based animation  
National Children's Study National Children's Study Internal Wiki ...collaborate on National Children's Study
Necres Carpenter Research Group ...collaborate on organometallic research at UMM
Neely010 neely010 wiki ...collaborate on
Nehaturn You are able to begin generating money on the net even when you usually are not nevertheless well prepared.  
Neinaold The proper option in your total exercise and muscle constructing wants will be the adjustable dumbbells. It's going to not consider much of the time and energy to get 1 enough set. The weights slide on to the bar and fasten into spot acquiring a locking collar of some type  
Nekimunt In the permission is possible while you are flying but you must carry the documentary proof. Documentary proof is nothing but any of the qualified mental health professional diagnosis and prescription.  
Neojet Printer Dtg berkualitas Rakitan Indonesia  
NeptuneTriton Neptune / Triton Senior Design Mission  
NetEverywhere Finding network everywhere  
NetFilesTeam NetFiles? Support Team wiki Collaborate on NetFiles? Support Team Issues
NetPeopleMeetings Minutes, links, presentations from the U of MN NetPeople? Meetings ...collaborate on the NetPeople? meeting minutes and information.
NeuralNetoff Netoff Lab Wiki  
NeuroAnesthesia NeuroAnesthesia?  
Neuroecon wiki for neuroeconomics journal club ...coordinate neuroeconomics journal club
NeurogenicCVD Test Website for Lab Share infor for Lab
NeurologicalMedicineDevelopmentSite A place for DMED faculty to revise the Neurological Medicine course  
NeuromodWiki A wiki site hosted by the Neuromodulation Research and Technology Lab, for the purpose of lab organization and knowledge-sharing  
Neuromodulation Neuromodulation Research Center  
Neuroscience Neuroscience ...collaborate on Neuroscience
NeuroscienceCorridor collaboration web for members of the Neuroscience Corridor ...collaborate on topics in neuroscience
NewLizTest Delete Me ...collaborate on
NewMediaResearchNetwork An encyclopedia of new media activity at UMN. Inform the community about news, research, and other developments in new media at the U. Add a page on your research, the state of new media in your department, or new media resources around the U.
NewPhys2008 New physics graduate students 2008 ...getting to know each other a bit more
NewPhysicsStudents New Physics Graduate Students in the fall 2007 ...collaborate on getting to know each other by sharing some personal info
NewPhysicsStudents09 New students can get to know each other a bit Introductions to each other
NewVentureCreation   ...collaborate on
News_and_announcement Internal website for news and announcements  
Newscorp News Corp Project ...collaborate on project for MGMT6031
Newsgaming Resources found and shared on gaming and news gaming ...collaborate on games, serious games, learning games, and news games
NextGenerationMaterials Resources for Solar Cell and Graphene research ...collaborate on research regarding solar cells and graphene
Next_Generation_Materials Resources for Solar Cell and Graphene Research ...collaborate on solar cell and graphene research
Nexus wiki of Networks Economics and Urban Systems research group ...collaborate on Nexus research projects
Nia Test Wiki ...collaborate on stuff
NicMcPhee Wiki web for various bits of Nic McPhee?'s life ...record (and share) random stuff.
NiceSandTest Wiki Learning  
NicksUMwikiWeb   ...collaborate on school, research, volunteer, internship oppurtunities, experiences, LIFE!
Nieber Wiki web for John Nieber  
Nisheeth.GradSeminar Grad seminar: The dynamical hypothesis in cognitive science  
NorthShoreDataConsortium - Assemble a group of interested individuals with the main goal to develop and support specific funding strategies and timelines for collecting contemporary high-resolution aerial photography and LiDAR? for Northeast Region of Minnesota.  
NorthTest Test for a north wiki project ...collaborate on resources for north minneapolis
NovelWord Novel Word Learning ...collaborate on research project
NovelWordL Research Project: Novel Word Learning ...collaborate on research project
NovelWordLearning Novel Word Learning ...collaborate on a research project
Novelword Novel word learning ...collaborate on research project
NpdKpd Welcome to my Wiki  
NtsMis NTS's web for MIS staff to post functional job information. Post how-to's for our roles as MIS members.
Nuhamin music ...collaborate on
[[NunStudy.WebHome][]] The Nun Study at the University of Minnesota ...collaborate on documenting protocols and procedures used in the Nun Study
NunStudyData Nun Study Data Requests build and submit data requests for research
NunStudyUmn U of MN Internal Nun Study Wiki ...collaborate on Nun Study Projects at the U of MN
Nurs5113 Class Collaborative Website ...collaborate on Kolb Learning Styles
Nurs8501Spring2006 Nursing 8501 Spring 2006 All Sections ...collaborate on Nursing 8501
NursingLeadership Densford Executive Committee Leadership ...collaborate on
Nutrisi web tentang makanan sehat dan aneka nutrisi penitng bagi tubuh kita  


Name Description Use To
OAFAST OA-FAST Desktop Support for the West Bank Office Building organize and document tasks and processes performed at this fast location
OBAnesthesia OB Anesthesia Home  
OBDEnergy OBDEnergy ...collaborate on OBDEnergy
OCA OIT Office of Communication and Advancement  
OCMDiscussionGroup This is a place for the Office of Classroom Management staff to share about what they are reading, conferences they are attending, and wish-lists to investigate. Collaborate on staff development and engagement.
OCMKnowledgeBase Internal Knowledge Base for the Office of Classroom Management organize internal information, policies, and procedures in a searchable format.
OCMSchedProcess Collaborating to document scheduling processes ...collaborate on OCM scheduling processes
OEDWebServer Documentation about server configuration  
OESC Organizational Effectiveness Steering Committee collaboration web ...collaborate on Organizational Effectiveness information sharing
OG OG - Shared and Structured ...collaborate on
OGG1 Project page ...collaborate on 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase
OHRSandbox Sandbox for OHR to experiment with ...investigate the UMWiki
OHSPweb Project Documentation for OHSP projects document
OIA   ...collaborate on internal OIA windows/VMware documentation
OIAAutomate OIA Production Service Automation Web Collaborate on documentation/community knowledge storage
OIAUnix OIT-OIA Unix Wiki ...collaborate on OIT-OIA Unix System Administration
OIPWorldTeam Wiki for the OIP World Team ...collaborate on the World Team Project
OIP_IT Information Technology information for the Office of International Programs ...collaborate on web and database systems and provide technology info to OIP staff
OIT   ...collaborate on
OITBrainTrust   ...collaborate on
OITBusinessSolutions Homepage for the OIT Business Solutions Group  
OITBusinessSolutions.Internal Information for OIT Business Solutions Staff  
OITCSC OIT Customer Service Coordinators Internal Wiki ...collaborate on Customer Service Coordinator projects and issues
OITComputerFacilities Private Web for OIT Computer Facility Support ...collaborate on Computer Facility Support
OITCustomerApprec OIT Customer Appreciation Event ...collaborate on the OIT Customer Appreciation Event
OITDemo A demo web see an example of a redesigned OITInternal web
OITFAST? Internal FAST news, info, training documents, procedures ...distribute and collaborate on news, info, training documents, procedures
OITFundDrive OIT Staff will use this wiki to sign up for the Craft & Bake Sale, and to share ideas for the Community Fund Drive. ...collaborate on the 2008 Community Fund Drive
OITFundDrive80 OIT staff will use this wiki to sign up for the Craft & Bake sale, and to share ideas for the 2008 Community Fund Drive. ...collaborate on the Community Fund Drive Craft & Bake Sale, and other CFD efforts
OITInternal OIT Collaboration Zone ...build documentation between ADCS, JAWS & the rest of OIT
OITInternal.ControlF1 Control-F1 Project Internal Documentation
Wiki Project Web UM Wiki Development Web ...collaborate on UM Wiki Development
OITKB OIT Knowledge Base  
OITKB.Agent Agent facing content ...collaborate on
OITMigrations OIT Migrations Team  
OITPackageSolutions OIT Package Solutions  
OITResearch Documentation for the OIT Research Administration Service Team  
OITSAB OIT Student Advisory Board  
OITSABRESULTS Collects results of surveys from the OITSAB web collect and review results of surveys from the OITSAB web
OITSoftwareLicenses Central List of OIT Software Licenses Organize and Consolidate Sub Department's Lists of Licences into a Master List
OITSupervisors OIT Supervisors  
OITTI OIT Technology Initiatives ...collaborate on
OITTraining Task force wiki for OIT Training group ...collaborate on vision document for Ann
OIT_1HELP_Internal Resource for employees of OIT's 1-HELP ...collaborate on
OITvs Office of Information Technology Video Solutions ...collaborate on
OLDP3961Sp12 For community exploration project  
OLEwiki Office of Learning Excellence - Staff Wiki ... private wiki to collaborate on items for operational activities
OMS6056 Project team for OMS6056 ...collaborate on OMS6056
OT7596 Fieldwork assignments 2011 ...collaborate on fieldwork
OTC Shared information site. ...collaborate on market research
OTCMEDDEV OTC Medical Device Review Review technologies
OTCWiki This purports to be a resource for OTC employees to obtain SOPs and temaplate documents.  
OTOresearchsalary Salary Support collaborate on document
OVALcohort Collaboration space for the Online Video in Applied Learning 2007 TEL grant cohort ...collaborate on TEL cohort
Obatherbalmatamerah Kesehatan herbal alami yang aman  
ObesityProject NCI-TREC project, PI Marco Yzer ...collaborate on NCI-TREC coding project
OchemCafe For Chemistry 2301 and 2302 students post anonymously and discuss topics pertaining to the class.
OfficeHrs Sign up with your name and email  
OfficeLeatherhead Having an ideal office space has a positive impact on not just your employees but also their productive capacity and their work abilities. You can redesign your office to suit the specific requirements of your business.  
OfficeMove Fall 2008 Office Move ...collaborate on
OitMario Wiki representing FASTs I support supply the next FAST with info and a repository for clients
OitVirtualServerHosting OIT Virtual Server Hosting Service Technical Documentation  
Oit_Deit Joint OIT and DEIT Communication Projects ...collaborate on communications projects
Ojibwemowin Gidaabajitoomin i'is ji-ozhibii'amang i'iw gaa-dazhindang Ogimaagwanebiik ...collaborate on transcription
OleLmsProject LMS Project Planning ...collaborate on project planning and policies, etc.
OleWiki03   ...collaborate on
OnAQuestForKnowledge Things that come to me ...collaborate on things that make you go Hmmmm.....
OnLineDictionaries On-line dictionaries  
OneHelp 1Help - Computer Help on Campus ...provides information on a variety of computer questions
OneHelpWebContent 1-HELP Web site content management develop content for the public 1-HELP (OIT Services) Web site
OneStop proofs, drafts, prototypes of various communications projects to share/solicit feedback from others
OnlineSocialAdvocacy A Wiki Covering the Basics of Using New Technologies for social advocacy ...collaborate on developing the state of the art in online advocacy
OnlineUni1 OnlineUni1?  
OnlineUni5 OnlineUni5?  
OnlineVolunteers A research project investigating online volunteer behavior and communities for research team members only
OnlineVsInClass Which is better? Learning with online classes, in person classes, or a combination of both  
OnsongoBioinformaticTools This is a wiki of some of my bioinformatics projects collaborate on using public bioinformatics tools
OpenAfsServerRanking Wiki for project for improving the ranking of OpenAFS? servers ...document and collaborate on the project
OpenEJB UMN OpenEJB? Documentation Center Free Documentation for the %OPENEJB% Container
OpenSource A resource for using and developing open source projects at the University of Minnesota ...collaborate on open source projects
OpenSource.LWJGL Lightweight Java Graphics Library documentation OpenGL Gaming in Java
OpenSourceSoftware Open Source Software Evaluations and Information Learn about Open Source software
OperationPrelims Prelims collaboration site  
OptiTex UMN ADES OptiTex? help wiki  
OpticalMEMS Internal Wiki for the Talghader Optical MEMS research group ...collaborate on
Order   Show the inefficiency of the present order
OsaConnectionsMini Presentation materials from the OSA Connections Mini Conference held Feb. 11, 2015  


Name Description Use To
PA5038_Education_2010 Project Wiki ...collaborate on analytics project
PA5038_Immigration PA 5038 Immigration Health Care Team ...collaborate on team report review for Analytics 1 Fall 2009
PA5102Water Group project on "A Partnership in Troubled Water" ...collaborate on project
PA5190 Information Technology Management in Public and Nonprofit Organizations ...collaborate on
PA5190SST Streamlined Sales Tax Project Wiki ...collaborate on our group project
PA5251 Strategic Planning Group Paper/Project ...collaborate on group project
PA5251Group1 Use of software tools in strategic planning ...collaborate on group project
PA5721_Building_Policy   ...collaborate on
PA8001 For Marjorie, Anissa, Sarah and Janine to use ...collaborate on our project for PA 8001
PA8001_College_Completion   ...collaborate on
PA8001_Ed For Marjorie, Anissa, Sarah and Janine to use ...collaborate on our project for PA 8001
PA8001_HR.WorkingGroup Human Rights working group for Spring PA 8001 ...collaborate on group project
PA8001_HumanRights.UserGr collaboration for group project. ...collaborate on public policy regarding human rights
PA8002energy Cooperative Energy Futures project for Synthesis Workshop ...collaborate on capstone project for Synthesis workshop
PABTestPad pab Testing new Wiki capabilities ...collaborate on new wiki options to move into other production webs
PACT PACT processes,procedures, and documentation  
PAH_dg The Practicing Alternative Histories Discussion Group  
Peer Assisted Learning Peer-Assisted Learning is a program of the University of Minnesota SMART Learning Commons A Program of the University of Minnesota SMART Learning Commons
Peer Assisted Learning   A Program of the University of Minnesota SMART Learning Commons
PASAwiki PASA open discussion ...collaborate on projects and ideas
PCLC_Fac Pharmaceutical Care Learning Center Faculty Space ...collaborate on PCLC communications and outcomes
PCO PCO project  
PCOProject PCO project  
PCPI1109 NCOHF report collaboration ...collaborate on NCOHF report
PD1TownHallCoP? PD1 town hall meeting notes ... suggest improvements
PELChangeManagement Change Management Reseach Group PEL 2006 ...collaborate on completion of research project related to U of M strategic planning initiative
PELChgMgmt Central collection point for PEL Change Management Group Research ...collaborate on university change management project
PELChgMgt Collection Point for Information On Change Management ...collaborate on organization of research information related to change management
PELRochester   ...collaborate on
PET Peer Educator Training  
PF My personal Wiki. keep track of things to do.
PFINSJET_Group working site for the PFINSJET Group ...collaborate on project for 5011 Fall 2007
PG_test test ...collaborate on
PHSL5701 Sensory physiology class ...discuss research articles and seminars
PIC Physician Informatics Committee Collaborative Web Page Track and collaborate PIC projects
PIE Panoramic Interfaith Effusion ...share information related to the PIE student group and interfaith network.
PILRetreat Topics for the PIL retreat ...collaborate on
Peer Learning Consultants Peer Learning Consultants Free Tutoring @ SMART Learning Commons
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
PM_CM_Community Project management and change management community ...collaborate on on writing up our ideas on a PM and CM Community at the U
PNLC1General Test wiki for PNLC ...collaborate on brochure updates.
PNLCWiki1 HHH-Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center ...collaborate on PNLC topic areas.
POL3268RuralHousingPolicy Course Wiki for Rural Housing Policy ...collaborate on our research study examining housing crisis in rural areas
PP8242 N8242 Planned Parenthood Project ...collaborate on
PRRS ultimate goal is eradication ...collaborate on
PRUEM Software Architecture / Project Management ...collaborate on Software Architecture / Project Management
PSICHI PSI CHI is the national honor society for psychology. ...collaborate on meetings, projects, etc.
PSS parenting ...collaborate on Parenting for School Success
PSTL1135wiki PSTL1135wiki ...collaborate on PSTL1135wiki
PSY3525 Wiki for PSY3525: Behavior Analysis in the Workplace (Summer 2010) ...collaborate on discussion of course material.
PTSIT PTS-IT wiki ...collaborate on PTS-IT work
PUBH6000   ...collaborate on PUBH 6000 class assignment on ePublic Health Intervention for Youth with Chronic Illness
PUBH7430 Help and collaboration for PUBH 7430: Statistical Methods for Correlated Data  
PUBH7440 PUBH 7440 course forum ...collaborate on collegues
PUPPIES Parental Involvement in Pediatric Treatment ...collaborate on
PWLC   ...collaborate on
PWieser personal web ...collaborate on
PacarLeeMinHo pacar lee min ho  
Pacific_College? Pacific college is one of the premier Nursing schools in California and provides flexible programs for dedicated students.  
Main Padres informados, jóvenes preparados ...collaborate on parenting programs
PanamaProject Katey's ...collaborate on Katey's Panama Project
PananjakanBromo Berikut ini adalah ulasan mengenai Pananjakan Bromo  
PaparazziB Wiki for Paparazzi Autopilot project, Team B: Fall 2008 ...collaborate on AEM 4331 Senior Design - Paparazzi Team B
PaperSharing Post topics of interest, papers related to the topics, and opinions on papers. ...collaborate on finding papers matching your interests.
PapuaNewGuinea Wilderness Inquiry Expedition  
ParentEd Resources, tools, discussion  
PartyRegistration Registration form for office gatherings  
PartyWallSurveyorsEpsom Boundary walls can be party fence walls. Loft conversions, extensions, structural focus on a party wall such as removing a chimney breast, excavation near to another building or structure to some depth that exceeds those of the neighbor's foundations  
PathologyImaging This is my web description ( change this )  
PathologyResidency Information for Pathology Residents ...collaborate on
PathologyResidents Info for Lab Medicine and Pathology Residents and Fellows  
PathwayAnalysis   ...collaborate on
PatrickVanZandt   ...collaborate on
Patterning Developmental Biology vocabulary  
PaulBeckmann Paul Beckmann's Professional Wiki ...describe my academic/intellectual pursuits
PedsImaging Location for knowledge sharing regarding pediatric imaging  
Pedsmeds Relevant Info for Peds Clinical ...collaborate on medication information for pediatric patients
PegSherven PegSherven'sPage ...collaborate on
PegsPage Peg's wiki page to collaborate for my dissertation topics.
Peng Peng's Wiki Page  
PengLi Peng's Wiki at UMN  
Pengkui Pengkui Luo's Wiki research
PeopleSoftTips Web for Peoplesoft Tips ...collaborate on PeopleSoft Tips
PeopleandAnimals A site to collect information and critically discuss ideas about the varied relationships humans have with animals, wild and domestic ...collaborate on developing an on-line or hybrid course on animals and people
Performance DashBoard? ...collaborate on
Pernu Pernu's notes type notes
PersonnelDocs Documents for Personnel Review ...collaborate on documents for performance criteria
Peter_workshop my U wiki site ...collaborate on
Peterman test site ...collaborate on Wiki courses
PetesWikiWeb A place for my projects ...collaborate on projects
Pftest testing ...collaborate on in class
Pharmacokinetics By studying the pharmacokinetics of ethanol, we will be able to understand the effects it has on the human body, as well as how both anatomy, biology, and chemistry all relate.  
Phoenix A collaboration for a film ... on Kashmir
Phys4101CourseSummary Summary of Quantum Physics, Phys 4101 ...collaborate on producing a summary of the course
PhysCompIoT Wiki for the IAS Physical Computing and Internet of Things Collaborative.  
PhysTEC A wiki for the PhysTEC? project at the University of Minnesota. ...collaborate on designing teaching experiences for pre-service secondary physics teachers.
PictureFramerSurbiton It’s not just the perseverance that is essential with the art work, but one needs better presentability with that as well. A good picture framer can certainly help you in that context.  
Pilot Workspace to develop pilot project on the student teaching survey ...collaborate on the development of a pilot for student teaching survey
PlBrJc Plant Breeding Journal Club Preparing for Plant Breeding Journal Club meetings
PlBr_Symposium Plant Breeding Symposium Meeting Plant Breeding Symposium Prep
PlPa5300sec001 Plant Molecular Biology Wiki ...collaborate on Current Topics in Molecular Plant Pathology
PlanetarySkin Wiki for the GOPHER / Planetary Skin Project  
PlanningWiki A place to collect sources and content for our strategic planning group project ...collaborate on PA 5251 group project
PlantClass Biol 3007W Plant, Algal, and Fungal Diversity  
PlantEvolution Biol 3007W Plant, Algal, and Fungal Diversity  
Playground Testing things ...collaborate on
PlayingTheNews Institute of New Media Studies research group ...collaborate on Knight grant research project
PlumbBob Plumb Bob at the Univerity of Minnesota ...collaborate on
Podcast Podcast Wiki ...collaborate on Podcasting
PoeticsofNarrative The adaptation of novels into film discussion board ...collaborate on the poetics of narrative in film and literature
PolPsych.Group A wiki for the graduate students enrolled in the political pscyhology minor ...collaborate on projects, share information on the minor, contacts, etc.
Poland Poland  
PoliciesOSF Project home page redevelop the OSF Policies and Procedures site
Polisciresources Polisci resources  
Pompadour pompadour hairstyle wiki  
Poplar poplar river project ...collaborate on the Poplar River TMDL project
PorkCongress Sign up for manning UM booth at MN Pork Congress ...collaborate on
Portal3 Planning for next version of portal ...collaborate on features and specifications for portal 3
Portfolio University of Minnesota Portfolio Wiki ...collaborate on the Portfolio project.
PortfolioInternalDocs Documents for the Portfolio Development Crew ...collaborate on development of the Portfolio Project
PortfolioRequirements Place for Portfolio Peoples to Development and Maintain Requirements for Portfolio ...collaborate on Portfolio Requirements
PortfolioTeam Internal Working Group for Portfolio Development ...collaborate on the Portfolio project.
PortfolioTestProcess PortfolioTestProcess? ...collaborate on PortfolioTestProcess?
PositiveAtheism The Joy of Secular Humanism will be explored. ...collaborate on essays which reveal the joy of the secular humanist philosophy.
PotluckSignUp Sign-up for HRC and ITSS potluck ...collaborate on
PovThresh Proposal for changing the way the federal poverty threshold is set. ...collaborate on poverty threshold paper
Practice OTC ...collaborate on market research
PracticeTree This is a practice site  
PracticeWiki   ...collaborate on
PrashantTrehan Personal Webpage  
Prelim07Group Prelim07Group? wiki is to provide a virtual location to share materials and work together to prepare for the EdPA? EdD?/PhD written prelims in Higher Education. ...collaborate on study for EdPA? EdD?/PhD Written Prelims in Higher Ed
PreschoolASD   ...collaborate on
PresenterSoftware Using Adobe Presenter in the University Libraries ...collaborate on uses and resources for Presenter
PressurizedSatellite Pressurized Satellite Design ...collaborate on
PrindleFly   ...collaborate on
Priveyo Social Media Privacy Application  
ProDDT Policy paper supporting the use of DDT in certain contexts ...collaborate on final group paper for Anth 3206, Ecological Anthropology
ProTech1 A collaborative writing space for Instructions Group 1 work on the "Instructions" sequence for Krista Kennedy's Pro/Tech Writing Course
ProTech3 A collaborative writing space for Instructions Group 3 work on the "Instructions" sequence for Krista Kennedy's Pro/Tech Writing Course
ProTech4 A collaborative writing space for Instructions Group 4 work on the "Instructions" sequence for Krista Kennedy's Pro/Tech Writing Course
ProTech5 A collaborative writing space for Instructions Group 5 work on the "Instructions" sequence for Krista Kennedy's Pro/Tech Writing Course
Probation Web.Probation Task Force  
ProcessesIT IT workstarion processes and help.  
Professional_Groups A list of U of M Professional and Networking Groups  
ProjManagement   ...collaborate on sharing research, group meetings, and final project proposal
Project4HVSI Project VSI MN 4-H  
ProjectT11 Marketing Management Project
ProjectVSI Project VSI  
Project_Libourel_Cargill A workspace for Prof. Libourel's lab project discussions and updates
Prome001 St. Paul_AHC-IS ...collaborate on
Pronunciation Resources for pronunciation  
Prop_65 he Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65 or the Act) ...collaborate on ESPM 3241
Propandiol A way for group members in CHEN 5751 to collaborate on the 1.3 Propandiol project. ...collaborate on the 1.3 Propandiol project.
Propproject2001 astrophysics 2001 propulsion project collaboration ...collaborate on
ProsoKids A forum where parents, educators, and researchers can discuss topics related to the disorder of Prosopagnosia (sometimes called Face Blindness) as it affects children.  
ProtEngInfo Extra material about BioC4351?/5351 Protein Engineering  
Proteomics_UMN Proteomics related links and literature ...collaborate on
Pstl1251 PSTL 1251: Global History & Culture ...collaborate on
Psy1061GlobalPerspectives Spring 2007 Student Web pages about children's wellbeing in selected nations. Post the results of student research on children in their chosen countries.
Psy1H_S09 Psy1001H? Spring 2009 Wiki ...collaborate on assignments in Psy 1001H
Psy1Honors Exploring Connections in Psychology ...collaborate on find how topics and ideas in psychology connect.
Psy3001ResearchGroup   ...collaborate on
Psy3001W   ...collaborate on
Psy3611 Wiki for Learning & Behavior, Psy 3611, at UMD ...collaborate on assignments in the Learning & Behavior class
Psych1001   ...collaborate on
PsychiatryRes Psychiatry Dept Research Accounting ...collaborate on
PsychiatryResearch Department of Psychiatry Research Group ...collaborate on advancing research within the department.
Psychology Where the healing begin. . . Consultation
PubH6132 WIKI for Air, Water and Health ...discuss topics from class
PubH6613Group1 Group wiki site for Group 1 members ...collaborate on reactions to Medical Home case study
PubH6613Group2 This wiki is for members of Group 2 ...collaborate on reactions to Medical Home case study
PubLabs ADCS Public Labs forum for ADCS Public Computing lab administrators collaboration
PublicHealthNursing Public Health Nursing Evidence Based Practices ...collaborate on developing guidelines for PHN Evidence Based Practice
PuchasingStudent CPPM/FM Student Purchasing Asst. Guide learn and track procedures.
Puerhteabenefits pu erh tea benefits  
PuertoRican First Wiki ...collaborate on community iniciatives
PurchasingStudent CPPM/FM Student Purchasing Asst. Guide  
Purimgroup work on group proposal ...collaborate on
Purimproject Anth 1005 Group Project on Purim, a Jewish fesitval held on March 3rd. for group members to work on project over the web


Name Description Use To
QM2008 class note for QM class 4101 in fall 2008 ...collaborate on keeping class notebook
QuadRotor Senior Design Project ...collaborate on
QuantumPhysicsLab Phys2605 Wiki Page  
Quarterscale U of MN Quarterscale Tractor 2007-2008 ...collaborate on
Quick11 quick11  
QuickDegrees QuickDegrees?  


Name Description Use To
RAC Registrar's Advisory Committee ...collaborate on minutes, agendas, and documentation for the Registrar's Advisory Committee
RCA Research Computing Alliance ...collaborate on Research Computing needs of the University Community
RCA_CFANS Research Computing for CFANS Soil, Water, and Climate Cluster ...document the cluster
RDocs? This is my web description ( change this )  
REACH Marketing resources (private) compile marketing resources
REDCap Using REDCap at the University of Minnesota provide information to people who use UMN's REDCap
RFPrubric A RFP Rubric for OT Managment ...collaborate on the creation of fair rubric
RHET3266 Small Group Course Collaboration Tool ...collaborate on
RHETKays Rhetoric  
RHET_1152 Writing about Issues in Science & Technology ...collaborate on group work, peer review, class discussions and...
RIPS Research Institute for Problem Solving ...collaborate on topics of interest relevant to problem solving.
RaceGender TPPSpring2009Race?&Gender ...collaborate on our group project
Radiok Radio K's online content management wiki  
Radiology Radiology Wiki  
Rajje communication point for group members ...collaborate on management group project
RakhiSurveyPage What do you want or expect widgets to look like on an Iphone ...collaborate on
RameshM Ramesh M ...collaborate on
RandiLundell IBP Faculty/Staff Surveys
RandomSoliloquy A research wiki on networks and urban systems ...collaborate on research in the world of complexity