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Spring 2010 Cram Slam


Study with us! In partnership with MCAE, we will be holding our spring semester "Cram Slam" Saturday, May 8th, 2010.

There will be plenty of tutors on duty, free snacks, copies of previous exams for select courses, and review workshops to help you prepare for finals week!


  • No RSVP is required, but seating is limited due to the sizes of the rooms.
  • For more information about workshop facilitators, visit our consultant profiles.

Time Location Course Description Facilitator(s) Participant Limit Handouts
1-3p Walter 402 CHEM 1021: Chemical Principles I An intensive review of Exam materials from Balancing equations to Hybridization Melissa, Jennifer, and Alex 70 Worksheet, Solutions
1-3p Walter 204 MATH 1272: Calculus II Weapons of Math Destruction, How to wage war against the Calc II final Dan and Jake 40  
3-4:30p Walter 204 MATH 1151: Precalculus II Trig and Graphing and Algebra, oh my! Vivane and Violet 40  
2-3:30p Walter 101 MATH 1271: Calculus I Reviewing main concepts behind limits, differentiations, basic integrations and their applications Taka and Uchenna 60  
3-5p Walter 402 CHEM 1022: Chemical Principles II From Acids to Rates, a review of Chemistry 1022 Salah and Nardine 70 Worksheet, Solutions
3:30-5p Walter 101 CHEM 1015: Introductory Chemistry Looking for Chemistry outside of your social life? Come to review stoichiometry, acid/base chemistry, gas laws and more Katy B., Katie J., and Chris 60  
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