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You are here: UMWiki>ShackeltonCraterProject Web>DataFlowGroup (28 Apr 2008, fedi0009)

-- Main.fedi0009 - 15 Apr 2008

Objective: Operational concept will describe end-to-end data flow from lander and from camera back to Earth, including a timeline, data rates, the usage of on-board data storage, and the contact times.

Post work/documents regarding the detailed data flow analysis. We will need to know how fast the connections are between components, file sizes, data transfer rates, etc. We should be able to figure this out fairly quickly. Our goal should be to run a MATLAB simulation that will show that we can collect information, save it, and transfer it back to Earth so that we have enough memory to save the next day's data. We might want to write two versions of this simulation, one for images and one for lander data. I think we should shoot to simulate a week's worth of data collection and transmission. One day would be the absolute minimum to show that our system works, but if we can write it for one day I don't think seven would be much more difficult.

28 Gbits data storage
Uncompressed image size: 3400320000 bits (3.4 Gbits)
LUT compressed image size: 1943040000 bits (1.9 Gbits)
Data rate to SSR: 24 Mbps (this should be the slowest step in the process)

160 Gbits BOL data storage
Data rate from camera: 24 Mbps
Data rate from rover: ?
FELICS compressed image size: 1214400000 bits (1.2 Gbits)
Data rate out (to computer/radio?): Selectable - 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 Mbps

Data rate in: ?
Data rate out: ?
Other important things...

Maybe we could directly connect the SSR directly to the radio(s) and use the computer to tell the SSR what data to send the radio/where to store data received from the radio. This would take the computer out of the data flow model and it would not have to process large data files. We should talk to Raja/Dave about this.

Earth Communications:
Data storage: ?
Data rate in: ?
Data rate out: ?
Transmit data rate: 100 Mbs
Receive data rate: 64 Kbs
Frequency: 26 Ghz
Power: 110 W max
Mass: ?
Deminsions: ?
assume sizes as below

Rover Communications:
Data storage: ?
Data rate in: ?
Data rate out: ?
Transmit data rate: 64 Kbs
Receive data rate: 2.5 Mbs
Frequency: 2.2 Ghz
Power: 35 W max
Size : 7''L x 6"W x 4"H
Weight: 8.7 lbs.max
Temperature : 24°C to +61°C
Vibration: 19g rms
EMI: MIL-STD-461E (tailored)
Radiation : Total Dose/SEE hardened

Link to S-band Rover transceiver (on rover)
Link to S-band Sat Transponder (on Rover to Sat)
Ka-band space TWT (sat to earth)

Any component I missed?
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elsem Camera_data_flow_working.m manage 3.7 K 25 Apr 2008 - 15:44 UnknownUser Camera data flow sim (This is complete - Enter number of periods>100 to run)
elsem Rover_data_flow_working.m manage 2.8 K 24 Apr 2008 - 17:06 UnknownUser Rover data flow sim (This is working, Enter number of periods>118 to run)
jpgjpg camera_SSR_usage.jpg manage 69.8 K 28 Apr 2008 - 15:25 UnknownUser Camera SSR Usage
jpgjpg camera_mem_usage.jpg manage 167.4 K 28 Apr 2008 - 15:23 UnknownUser Camera Memory Usage
jpgjpg camera_mem_usage_zoomedin.jpg manage 59.2 K 28 Apr 2008 - 15:24 UnknownUser Camera Memory Usage Zoom-in
jpgjpg camera_mem_usage_zoomedwayin.jpg manage 66.0 K 28 Apr 2008 - 15:24 UnknownUser Camera Memory Usage Zoom-Zoom-Zoom-in
jpgjpg rover_SSR_usage.jpg manage 64.9 K 28 Apr 2008 - 15:25 UnknownUser Rover SSR Usage
xlsxls times.xls manage 157.8 K 25 Apr 2008 - 15:45 UnknownUser Earth contact times for camera and rover sims (higlighted times are contact times used)
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