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Welcome to the Wiki for CSci 3401: Models of Computing Systems

Major links



Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
24-27 August     Syllabus

Everyone should add themselves to the notification list

Assignments: Read preface, Chap 1, and start Chap 2; Exercise 1.5 from the text; Therac-25 reading

Chap 1: background, common problems with complex systems
Discuss answers to Exercise 1.5.

Chap 1 (con't): Sources and signs of complexity, and how to deal with it. Why computer systems are uniquely troublesome.

Watch IBM Centennial Film.
29 Aug-2 Sep Quickie review of Subversion.

Shell concepts: backticks, I/O redirection, pipes, single and double quotes

TDD shell script development
Lab 0 (Introduction to the shell) Discuss Therac-25 reading Prep for Lab 1: awk, grep, sed, Google Charts API
5-9 Sep Labor day Lab 1 (Processing log files) Therac-25 memo due

Assign Simon on Architecture of Complexity

Q&A on Lab 1

Start discussing Chapter 2: 3 key abstractions (memory, interpreters, communication links); 2 key tools (naming and layers); CPU/memory example.
Assign Chapter 2 problems

Assign Problem Set 1
12-16 Sep A little on Ruby

Chapter 2: Unix file system
Lab 2 (Checking for stale logins) Hand back Therac-25 paper comments

Q&A on Lab 2

Discuss Chapter 2 problems
19-23 Sep Therac-25 peer feedback assigned

Introduction to C (Hello world, #include, header files, compilation)

C & memory management. Pointers, arrays, address arithmetic, malloc and free. Examples of possible errors.
Lab 3 (C and memory management)

Problem Set 1 is due at 5pm
Discuss Simon on Architecture of Complexity

Discuss Problem Set 1

Chap 3: Default & explicit contexts (shell $PATH example), name conflicts, merging name spaces
Chap 3 (con't): URLs and war stories
26-30 Sep Therac-25 memo revision due

Representation & storage of numbers; 1's and 2's complement; integer and floating point
Lab 4 (Traversing directories) Basics of computer architecture Basics of gates and circuits


Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
3-7 Oct Q&A about First exam.

Post comments on final Therac-25 memos

Lab 5 (Circuit design) Hand out take-home mid-term.

Overview of computer microarchitecture and organization
Chap 4: Client/server, organization
10-14 Oct Chap 4 (con't): RPC and RPC semantics (at-most-once, at-least once, exactly-once)

Chap 4 (con't): DNS & NFS

No lab - Q&A on mid-term Take-home mid-term due.

Chap 5: Virtualization

Chap 5: Coordination & deadlock, wait-for graphs, read-and-set-memory
No class because Nic will be out of town. Read the rest of the textbook in your free time and Enjoy Break! smile
17-21 Oct Fall Break Fall Break Assign U of W flooded by flawed routers reading.

Wrap up Chap 4. Self-study exercises 4.4-4.8.
Discuss mid-term.

Chap 5: Modularizing & virtualizing memory

Chap 5: Virtualizing via threads
24-28 Oct Accessing web services and APIs. XML, JSON, etc. RESTful services. Lab 6 (Client server, RPC) Discuss Therac-25 memos.

Chap 5: Threads and sequence coordination
Threading in Java: Semaphores and the like


Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
31 Oct-4 Nov TCP vs. UDP Lab 7 (Threading) Chap 7: Asynchronous networks Chap 7: Layers of network abstraction
7-11 Nov Chap 6: Performance (definitions & concepts) Lab 8 (Segmented file server) Chap 6: Performance (Problem Set 16)  
14-18 Nov Memo on U of W flooded by flawed routers due at start of class. Lab 9 (Intro to Arduinos)    
21-25 Nov   Lab 10 (Traceroute and network architecture)   Thanksgiving
28 Nov-2 Dec   Lab 11 (Performance and profiling)    
5-9 Dec   Arduino telegraph race    
12-16 Dec   Final exam, 11-1    

-- NicMcPhee - 17 Aug 2011

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