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Welcome to the UMMCSci/CSci3401f12 Web!

Major Links



Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
22-24 August     Syllabus

Watch IBM Centennial Film. What are some of the key advances that help illustrate how much things have changed in 100 years? (Remember also that this is essentially promotional and has some non-trivial spin.)

Everyone should add themselves to the notification list

Assignments: Read preface, Chap 1, and start Chap 2; Exercise 1.5 from the text; Discussion exercise for Chap 1

Chap 1: background, common problems with complex systems
Discuss answers to Exercise 1.5 and Discussion exercise for Chap 1.

Chap 1 (con't): Sources and signs of complexity, and how to deal with it. Why computer systems are uniquely troublesome.

Assignments: Lab0 pre-lab

Therac-25 reading
27-31 August Quickie review of Subversion.

Shell concepts: backticks, I/O redirection, pipes, single and double quotes

TDD shell script development
Lab 0 (Introduction to the shell) Discuss Therac-25 reading Prep for Lab 1: awk, grep, sed, Google Charts API

Assignments: Lab1 pre-lab

Discuss Therac-25 Memo Assignment
3-7 Sep Labor day Lab 1 (Processing log files) Therac-25 memo due

Assign Simon on Architecture of Complexity

Q&A on Lab 1

Start discussing Chapter 2: 3 key abstractions (memory, interpreters, communication links); 2 key tools (naming and layers); CPU/memory/associative layer example.
Discuss Chapter 2 Exercises

Assign Problem Set 1

Assignments: Lab2 pre-lab
10-14 Sep A little on Ruby

Chapter 2: Unix file system
Lab 2 (Processing log files in Ruby) Hand back Therac-25 paper comments

Q&A on Lab 2
Problem Set 1 Q&A

Assignments: Lab3 pre-lab
17-21 Sep Therac-25 peer feedback assigned

Introduction to C (Hello world, #include, header files, compilation)

C & memory management. Pointers, arrays, address arithmetic, malloc and free. Examples of possible errors.
Lab 3 (C and memory management)

Problem Set 1 is due at 5pm
Discussion: struct, stat(), command-line arguments, and system calls

Assignments: Lab4 pre-lab
Guest speaker Kris Nelson, UMM Alumnus
24-28 Sep Discuss Problem Set 1

Chap 3: Default & explicit contexts (shell $PATH example), name conflicts, merging name spaces, URLs and war stories

Lab 4 (Traversing directories) Discuss Simon on Architecture of Complexity

Therac-25 memo revision due
Basics of computer architecture

Basics of gates and circuits

Representation & storage of numbers; 1's and 2's complement; integer and floating point


Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
1-5 Oct Q&A about First exam.

Post comments on final Therac-25 memos

Lab 5 (Circuit design) Chap 4: Client/server, organization

Hand out take-home mid-term.
Overview of computer microarchitecture and organization
8-12 Oct Chap 4 (con't): RPC and RPC semantics (at-most-once, at-least once, exactly-once)

Chap 4 (con't): DNS & NFS

No lab - Q&A on mid-term Take-home mid-term due.

Chap 5: Virtualization

Chap 5: Coordination & deadlock, wait-for graphs, read-and-set-memory

Assign self-study exercises 4.4-4.8

Assign Problem Set 3
Wrap up Chap 4. Self-study exercises 4.4-4.8.
15-19 Oct Fall Break Fall Break Assign U of W flooded by flawed routers reading.

Java sockets

Accessing web services and APIs. XML, JSON, etc. RESTful services.

Chap 5: Modularizing & virtualizing memory

Chap 5: Virtualizing via threads

Assignments: Lab6 pre-lab
22-26 Oct Discuss Problem Set 3

Prepare for Lab 6
Lab 6 (Client server, RPC) Discuss mid-term.

Discuss Problem Set 3 (Problem Set 3 due today - remember, we're looking for thought and progress, not perfection. Better to generate questions to ask and discuss then to skip this.)

Discuss Therac-25 memos.

Chap 5:(including 5.5) Threads and sequence coordination
Threading in Java: Semaphores and the like

Lab7 pre-lab


Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
29 Oct-2 Nov Discuss U of W flooded by flawed routers

Lab 7 (Threading) Remember: Chap 7 is only available on-line.

Chap 7: TCP vs. UDP

Chap 7: Asynchronous networks

Packet design
Java and Datagram packets

Chap 7: Layers of network abstraction

Lab8 pre-lab
5-9 Nov Discuss Problem Set 18 (in on-line problem sets for Part 2 of text)

Chap 6: Performance (definitions & concepts)
Lab 8 (Segmented file server) Chap 6: Performance (definitions & concepts)

Chap 6: Performance (Assign: Problem Set 16)
12-16 Nov Memo on U of W flooded by flawed routers due at start of class.

Show VisualVM
Lab 9 (Performance and profiling)
Discuss Problem Set 16 Chap ~7.4.1-7.4.3: Routing and addressing
19-23 Nov Arduinos: To prepare you for the lab, we'll show you some components and a simple design or two, and we'll hand out kits Lab 10 (Intro to Arduinos) We will work through a Problem Set together in class. If you are absent, you may wish to work on it on your own. Remember: Problem Set and discussion questions are fair game for exams. Thanksgiving
26-30 Nov Outlining Arduino Telegraph Lab Lab 11 Mapping the Internet Discuss receiver part of the zigbee lab.

Arduino time during class - show up! Don't let down your team!
Arduino time during class - show up! Don't let down your lab partner!
3-7 Dec   Lab 12 Arduino Zigbee stuff Hand out final

Course evals
Final Q&A time
10-14 Dec     Final exam, 8:30-10:30  

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