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How do I view usage statistics for my blog? Are usage statistics available?

Statistics are available! UThink is a part of the campus Urchin log analysis tool. To request access to Urchin's UThink profile, just contact Shane Nackerud.

For more immediate statistics, we recommend free hit counters like Google Analytics, StatCounter, ExtremeTracking, SiteMeter.com, ServuStats.com. These free counters are relatively easy to set up. Just follow the instructions.

If you do use one of these free hit counter programs, put the hit counter on all of your templates (Main Index, Individual, Category, Date-based, etc). Your statistics will be a better representation of how much your entire blog is used, especially concerning hits coming in from search engines like Google.

Setting up google analytics on your blog

In order to get analytics working properly, be sure to follow the directions on http://code.google.com/apis/analytics/docs/tracking/gaTrackingSite.html#singleSubDirectory . If you are using asynchronous tracking, add _gaq.push(['_setCookiePath', '/x.500/blogname/']); to your tracking code as explained in the link above.

-- ShaneNackerud - 26 Apr 2006

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xlsxls uthinkstatsApr07.xls manage 7138.5 K 10 May 2007 - 10:56 ShaneNackerud UThink statistics for April 2007
xlsxls uthinkstatsAug07.xls manage 7033.5 K 07 Sep 2007 - 16:15 ShaneNackerud UThink statistics for August 2007
xlsxls uthinkstatsDec07.xls manage 13245.0 K 06 Mar 2008 - 10:55 ShaneNackerud UThink statistics for December 2007
xlsxls uthinkstatsFeb07.xls manage 7090.0 K 20 Apr 2007 - 14:25 ShaneNackerud UThink statistics for February 2007
xlsxls uthinkstatsFeb08.xls manage 13208.5 K 06 Mar 2008 - 10:56 ShaneNackerud UThink stats for February 2008
xlsxls uthinkstatsJan08.xls manage 13329.0 K 06 Mar 2008 - 10:55 ShaneNackerud UThink statistics for January 2008
xlsxls uthinkstatsJul07.xls manage 7013.0 K 07 Sep 2007 - 16:15 ShaneNackerud UThink statistics for July 2007
xlsxls uthinkstatsJune2007.xls manage 7042.0 K 16 Jul 2007 - 13:08 ShaneNackerud UThink statistics for June 2007
xlsxls uthinkstatsMar07.xls manage 7134.0 K 20 Apr 2007 - 14:25 ShaneNackerud UThink statistics for March 2007
xlsxls uthinkstatsMay07.xls manage 7093.0 K 22 Jun 2007 - 12:36 ShaneNackerud UThink statistics for May 2007
xlsxls uthinkstatsNov07.xls manage 12849.0 K 06 Mar 2008 - 10:54 ShaneNackerud UThink statistics for November 2007
xlsxls uthinkstatsOct2007.xls manage 7281.0 K 20 Nov 2007 - 14:12 ShaneNackerud UThink statistics for October 2007
xlsxls uthinkstatsSept07.xls manage 7133.0 K 20 Nov 2007 - 14:03 ShaneNackerud UThink statistics for September 2007
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