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Welcome to the Anatomy Web!

This space is meant to be collaborative and can serve as an aggregation of useful Anatomy Lab data and as a venue for asking and answering each other's questions. So far, I started three sites (see links below):

Lab Whiteboard

This is a LabWhiteboard, where we can post notes from lab (like the "Important Relationships"). Hopefully, if folks from each lab room contribute to one overall list, we will have one comprehensive source of lab notes. Furthermore, if anyone thinks that something on the site is incorrect, you can simply hit "edit" and change it right away....with enough people viewing and editing, the correct answers/relationships will likely remain on the site.

Anatomy Questions

The second site is AnatomyQuestions. I thought it might be nice to have one venue for asking and answering each other's questions, kind of like on a whiteboard. We can all post questions, provide answers, elaborate on someone else's answers, etc. Even if you don't have a question, you can see others' questions and answers and it might elucidate something for you. Perhaps this may be better suited to the Anatomy message board on our class website, but here, every question is on one page. I guess the internet market will sort itself out & folks will use the most useful tool.

Blank Netter Plates

Below are blank Netter plates that you can print & fill in:






Anatomy Mnemonics

Mnemonics--what would rote memorization be without them?

_How To Use This Wiki

Just click one of the above links to the page you want. There you can read what's been posted. To answer/edit/add information, simply click the "edit" button at the top of the page. This will take you to a page that might look a little intimidating at first, but really it's just words with a few symbols here and there. Just type what you want where you want (some of the useful formatting conventions, such as bold, italics, bullets, etc., are listed at the bottom of the page for your convenience). Then click "save." Done.

If at some point, you feel there should be another page (i.e. in addition to "Lab Whiteboard" and "Anatomy Questions," simply MAKE THAT PAGE. It's relatively simple. Below are links to some tools and formatting rules about wiki web that may be helpful. But remember, for basic adding/editing text, everything you need to know is at the bottom of the "edit" page.

Stuff about Wiki

Site Tools of the Anatomy Web

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