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Welcome to the UmmCSci3601s12 Web!

Final wrap-up activities (subject to negotiation and discussion)

  • Final process reflection piece, done solo. Identify a principle or process that Rasmusson emphasizes in The Agile Samurai or that is highlighted in the Agile Manifesto and write a 2-3 page reflection on your experience over the semester with that principle or process.
    • Thesis and outline/summary due 10pm, Tuesday, 1 May so we can discuss this in "lab" on Thursday and/or class on Wednesday or Friday. Final version due at your one-on-one meeting with Nic.
  • Group video walkthrough, done in pairs or triples, focusing on features or use cases from a customer perspective.
    • Group video due Friday, 4 May.
  • Summary of individual contribution, done solo. This can be either a video or a portfolio piece, but you don't have to do both.
    • Individual video walkthrough, done solo, showing an example of an individual's contribution, combining customer value and technical explanation, or
    • 2-4 pages of portfolio material, done solo. At least one page summarizes key properties of the project, and at least one page summarizes one or more of your major contributions.
    • Complete draft due at your one-on-one meeting with Nic. Final version due 10pm, Thursday, 10 May.

Everyone needs to schedule a 30 minute one-on-one meeting with Nic during finals week. Nic will post sign-up slots on Google calendar.


Major links

  • Release 3 URLs:


Public Demo Scenario Pages

Things to do:

Lab Development:

  • StackLab
  • BinarySearchTreeLab and BDD (porting into Groovy)
  • RefactoringLab (needs to be rewritten?)
  • EstimationLabPart1 (learning Grails, using the built-in scaffolding)
  • EstimationLabPart2 (connecting to a real database, understanding the web stuff)
    • We need a lecture on how the web works: HTML, CSS, HTTP, browsers, servers, etc.
    • We need a lecture here with a high-level view of how all this works. Grails generates the view, sends HTML to the user's browser, the user fills in the form, the browser uses POST to send an HTTP response back to the server with all the user's replies, Grails parses all that and passes it to a controller in a nicer form that we can query to learn what the user entered, the controller code initiates appropriate actions (e.g., creating a UserResponce? object, populating it, and saving it) and redirects to the new view.
  • ReleaseOne (the project!)

On-line resources:

ALERT! The Groovy, JavaScript? and CSS lines should be fleshed out to actual references.
    • Does anyone have a better background on this than I do? -- VincentBorchardt - 17 Dec 2011

Other readings:

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UMM Software Design and Development, Spring 2012

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